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The Definition of Awesome: “A message to ba’alei tshuvah”

After reading a story written by a good friend in this week’s Canadian Jewish News, it’s with great difficulty that I am unable to come up with a sufficient response to justify the story’s awesomeness.

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Life and What Life Should Be: Free Vegan Lunch + $1 Pizza Slices on Subway = One irritated kosher dude

Today was a reminder that keeping kosher is worth it.
It was one of those days today where food was everywhere and I can’t have any of it. Those days are fun aren’t they?
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Throw it on the Ground!

Inspired by Andy Samberg’s SNL Digital Short (and in a personal moment of ranting at things that find a way to suck), here’s a few things I think should be thrown on the ground: (because the moral of the story is: “YOU CAN’T TRUST THE SYSTEM!!!”)

H1N1 Virus – It’s not SARS people, so freaking out and becoming crazy germaphobic is creating borderline paranoia. It’s okay to be germaphobic, but don’t shove it in my face (I’m talking to you CP 24… And you too 680 News).[leafs.jpg]

Toronto Maple Leafs – Or should I say the Maple Laughs. I’m not surprised anymore when they’re getting whupped. Vesa Toskala – Ground! Jason Blake – Ground!  Ron Wilson – Ground! Penalty Killing (or lack thereof) – Ground!! Screen of Death – Quite possibly the most heinous sight a PC user can see on their computer. If the screen itself doesn’t lead to the slow and pain death of one’s PC  (RIP Tevy’s First PC; 2001-2007), than the throwing of it (or of things at it – like fists or drop kicks) at the sight of BSODs would be the final blows.

USB Keys – No matter how bloody organized I try to make myself, I always manage to lose them. A little over three weeks ago,  I LOST TWO IN ONE WEEK!!


All that was pretty much on those devices were all of last year’s important and vital work worth carrying around with me, which then enable me to show them or bring em up whenever I desire… a time which happens to be now since I have to make a portfolio of previous works. Now I have to get them from home or @ school (G-d help me if the BSOD takes away my home copies of all that hard work).

It also sucks that I can’t even safe my work @ school since idiotic Centennial College doesn’t allow you to safe your work on their servers, which happen to be weirdly cleaned up and deleted at the end of everyday. What an example of stealing one’s work, time, convenience and money – since people now have to spend it on unreliable USB keys, all because the university is too lazy to allow students to back their files at school (like other normal schools like  U of T allow you to do so.)

Nuff’ said.

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Loser List #7 – York University Faculty

-2009-01-09-pics-04aIt’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kind of posts, and I guess it’s only appropriate that our first post comes just after the beginning of the Fall semester school year. To any Jewish York University student, it’s not just a return to lectures and classes, it’s also a return to events and issues such as the following: Continue reading “Loser List #7 – York University Faculty”

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The Definition of Awesome: Stephen Harper sings The Beatles – With a Little Help From My Friends

As I sit here doing my best to keep occupied while going to washroom every so often (that’s what happens when you’re sick…), I stumble upon this video that was posted by my friend on Facebook. It’s Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada singing the Beatles classic With a Little Help From My Friends at the National Arts Centre gala in Ottawa alongside acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

Score one point for Harper on the coolness charts. For those keeping scores @ home, that puts him just under Barack Obama (as irrelevant as he’s been as President, he’s still got that cool factor – see Barack Roll).

But it certainly puts him more than one up on a bunch of other leaders in the world. On that note, keep posted for a Loser Listed exclusive of a worst world leaders list…

Nuff’ said.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN Speech Full Text Transcript, Sep 24, 2009 promised, here is the full transcript of Netanyahu’s UN Speech. People are calling it Churchillian, likening it to other famous Middle East speeches and moments such as the various handshakes, or soldiers at the Kotel after the Six Day War or Ben Gurion declaring the existence of the State of Israel in Independence Hall in 1948.

Sure it’s all that and then some. But for me… Awesome will do just fine.

I wonder if Livni would’ve done the same thing…

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen…

Nearly 62 years ago, the United Nations recognized the right of the Jews, an ancient people 3,500 years-old, to a state of their own in their ancestral homeland. I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people.
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Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN Speech Video, Sep 24, 2009

I’m posting video of the entire speech.
Why? No reason really…
It just happens to be the definition of awesome.
Nuff’ said.

The remaining parts can be found in the rest of the post.

The transcripts will be set up on another post.

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Famous people who’ve died in 2009 (this year)- Part 1
Left: When he was cool, Right: When he was crazy.

At first I thought this was a passing trend during the early months of the year, especially in June, but with the recent deaths of Patrick Swayze, DJ AM and Sen. Ted Kennedy, it’s been very evident this year that many  important and famous people have been dropping dead. If there’s anything that ties together all these particular deaths, than someone let me know. I just find very weird how it just seems that I hear in the news everyday nowadays of someone famous is dieing. Like I said it may have been a little more apparent back in June (See Jackson, Michael et al.) and to be honest I thought the unfortunate trend had come to an end, but as I’ve already mentioned – we may just be going through another stream of deaths. Continue reading “Famous people who’ve died in 2009 (this year)- Part 1”