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Toronto & Ontario Commercial Jingles

In honour of the Super Bowl, and specifically the unnecessary madness that ensues over the commercials, I’ve decided to publish a little something I’ve had in mind of posting for a while…

Every city has its own companies and businesses, which usually results in several jingles and commercials that are somewhat exclusive to that surrounding area. And as you’ll eventually see (and hear) below, Toronto is a perfect example of this. And if you were brought up watching television or listening to the radio in Toronto, you’d be surprised to realize just how many of these jingles have become so ingrained in your memory…. Continue reading “Toronto & Ontario Commercial Jingles”

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Loser List #15: Ku Klux Klan costume wins first prize at Halloween party

The presence of a man dressed in a white Ku Klux Klan robe and hood at a Campbellford Legion Halloween party Saturday night set off a swelling tide of revulsion that has reached the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command.
They couldn't give the prize to the transvestite Vince Carter?


More unfortunately, this was local news here in Toronto/Southern Ontario. Continue reading “Loser List #15: Ku Klux Klan costume wins first prize at Halloween party”

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Thoughts on The Shabbos Inspire Experience Toronto & Thornhill

While sitting at the dinner table this past Monday night, my parents told me they were trying to invite some of our next door neighbours for this friday night shabbos meal. This gesture struck me as very surprising, since not only do we not talk to some of our neighbours that often, but most of them were also pretty far from being considered observant Jews.

Upon asking why we were doing this, I was presented with a pamphlet advertising a very intriguing initiative geared towards the observant Jewish community in Toronto.

“The Shabbos Inspire Experience Toronto & Thornhill” is the name of a dynamic one-time (or should I say “one-shabbos”) only initiative with the purpose of bringing observant and non-observant Jews of Toronto together in a  shabbos atmosphere. Simply put, it’s a massive city-wide kiruv initiative to reach out to less affiliated Jews in Toronto and invite them for a shabbos meal in the homes of observant Jews.

Several  shuls, synagogues, community groups and other organizations have already signed up to take part in this unprecedented (or I can’t remember the last time this was tried, if it was tried) initiative set for the shabbos of Friday April 30-May 1st (Parshas Emor). Continue reading “Thoughts on The Shabbos Inspire Experience Toronto & Thornhill”

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United Shabbat for Darfur: I like the concept but find me an orthodox synagogue that cares across the country will be dedicating their upcoming Shabbat services to raising awareness of the genocides and atrocities taking place in Darfur.

Spearheaded by the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), the nationwide unified Shabbat, which will take place over the Shabbat of Jan. 22-23 (Parashs Bo), will be the first of its type in about nine years as well as the first time such an initiative will be taken for a non-Jewish cause.

I discovered this event while reading a story about it in the Toronto Star yesterday morning. Continue reading “United Shabbat for Darfur: I like the concept but find me an orthodox synagogue that cares”

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Ontario College faculties hold strike vote today… (I’ve dodged a bullet)

Although I’ve deliberately stopped posting for an extended period of time due a long list of personal issues, I couldn’t avoiding commenting on this ongoing news item affecting thousands of fellow students.

At around 5:00 pm today, faculty members from twenty-four Ontario colleges will have concluded a vote to decide if they will go on strike.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), which represents the faculty, has claimed that the strike is not a contract vote. However many reports have indicated, including OPSEU’s website, that the strike is primarily about their collective bargaining agreement, which to me translates as dealing with money issues and salary (of course in addition to not accepting unilaterally imposed terms and conditions of employment and all that other union talk/demand.)

The Canadian Press has reported that “the union is seeking a 2.5 per cent pay increase in each year of a three-year contract while the colleges are offering 1.75 per cent in each of the first two years and two per cent in the last two years of a four-year deal.”

As of this month, I was a full-time student at Centennial College, enrolled in the joint journalism program with the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC). Even though the strike won’t affect me since I’m back at UTSC and not taking any Centennial courses this semester (We’ll see if I have to take more next Fall…), I can’t help but have sympathy for the some 200,000 students who could be in limbo as early as February of the strike vote passes.

Greg Hamara, media liason for the union, and told Maclean’’s On Campus “he expects the results of the vote to be in  before 8:00pm.”

We’ll be waiting…

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Leafs vs Coyotes on December 16: A lot has changed in 11 years December 16, 1998- The Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the Phoenix Coyotes and defeated them 5-2 at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was my first hockey game.
While the teams may be the same a lot has changed in 11 years.

Last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Phoenix Coyotes in an NHL hockey game at the Air Canada Centre. To anyone else, it was just another game on the schedule. But to me, discovering this game on this date was quite interesting and holds much sentimental value. Continue reading “Leafs vs Coyotes on December 16: A lot has changed in 11 years”

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Engagement fever: It’s more contagious than H1N1

Let’s see here… in about the last 12 hours, I’ve found out that seven friends/acquaintances just got engaged. That’s seven friends, 4 engagements.

Sorry, check that… Make it eight people… just found out about another…

Actually make it 9 (I’m dead serious!, well even though that last one happened a little over a month ago, I only found out about it now…) So now it’s 9 friends, 6 engagements…

All this makes me wonder about the nature of announcing engagements in the Jewish world and with keeping up with them, especially with the medium of the internet making it so much easier to spread the word. And with that, here are a few observations I’ve compiled about the whole shtick: Continue reading “Engagement fever: It’s more contagious than H1N1”

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My mom is partially responsible for this video winding up online (Over 1 Million views!)

The video is infamously known as “BMW parking failure” or “Worst Driving Ever…”No my mother isn’t responsible for the failed parking; rather she happened to be in the right at that time to see firsthand the damage done. In fact, the greenish/grey car directly besides the parking BMW (behind it in the background) – is actually my mom’s car!!
Continue reading “My mom is partially responsible for this video winding up online (Over 1 Million views!)”

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Thank you, Mats…

I have a lot of old and random things inside my old bedroom. Since I have the basement floor, I don’t sleep there anymore and rather consider the old room a museum of various things I treasured during my childhood. There are sports trophies and medals, sports posters, photos,  my small bookshelf with old childhood books and sports magazines, art posters + projects, the bar mitzvah sign with my name on it with big letters and sparkle, my old desk where my old PC (2000-2006, RIP) used to be as well as a ton of old papers and whatever happens to around that area.

But above that desk,  there’s  a poster on the wall. Besides my great grandparents old bedroom set, of everything that has been stashed or stored or kept in my room from our family’s moving in during the summer of 1994 until this very day, that poster has been there the longest. Continue reading “Thank you, Mats…”


I forgot how much fun fairs were

That was the first thought in my mind after spending nearly 10 minutes at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), one summer Wednesday afternoon.

To be honest, unless you’re with friends (albeit I was with my family), you have excess money, and if you have some sort of mind altering substance – alcohol (if that’s your thing), than the fun is all the much better.

Continue reading “I forgot how much fun fairs were”