Loser List

loser.jpg image by cbusmike75So instead of making you  look for them manually, I’ve decided to place all the TevyTown Loser List links here for your convenience.

Each post should have the entry number and name included:

#1: NION (Not in Our Name – Jews Against Israeli Wars)

#2: Safwat Higazi (and anyone else who thinks Queen Esther is in the Starbucks logo)

#3: Dummies running Irish Secondary Schools

#4: Municipal Workers of Toronto + Mayor David Miller

#5: Omar Shaban

#6: Nagla Al-Imam & Al-Arabiya TV

#7: York University Faculty

#8: Fundamentalist Orthodox Christians in Moldova

#9: The five morons charged for stealing the Auschwitz entrance sign

#10: Matthew Veersasammy

#11: Clumsy Reporters

#12: The jerk who dumped their garbage bag on my lawn this morning (AND didn’t recycle either)

#13: Hasan Bolkhari & Hazem Abu Ismail

#14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur

#15: Ku Klux Klan costume wins first prize at Halloween party

#16: Frummies sue for damaged wig on The People’s Court

#17: Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha & Saudi Arabian officials for believing Israel is using animals as spies/weapons 

#18: Hasidic newspaper cuts out Hillary Clinton & Audrey Tomason from “Situation Room” picture

Other Members:

Krisna Saravanamuttuclick the link for more
Sid Ryan & CUPE Ontario
David Ahenakew
NDP Ontario
George Galloway


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