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My shul is crazy!! And I love it!!

As Yom Kippur comes to an end,any normal person would quickly make their way to closest available table that has food on it – in order to break the 25 hour fast we’ve been keeping…

But not at my shul. Continue reading “My shul is crazy!! And I love it!!”

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I Love Random Jews

I love random Jews. They’re awesome. Here’s an example why:

Yesterday I was walking on Yonge Street around Major Mackenzie after a doctor’s appointment towards a bus stop. I was looking for a Tim Horton’s cause I was tired and needed coffee… Continue reading “I Love Random Jews”

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Happy 5770!!’d like to wish my fellow Jewish brethren a Shana Tova; a very sweet and happy new year. G-d willing the upcoming year should be filled with only success and maximized opportunities – aka time well spent.
It’s important to realize that as much we want to do a million things in life, we should take the time and effort to arrange and prioritize the important things in life and assign the proportionate time and energy necessary towards it.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be ambitious but remain realistic of your abilities and those factors affecting your life.

Here’s to a better than fantastic 5770!

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I’m trying a new theme… and potentially a new blog name too

If you’re reading this from the source, than you’ve probably noticed a change in scenery.

Attempting to keep things fresh (hence the theme title of “Freshy”) I’ve decided to change the theme of the blog. So far I look the look, but I’ve got  a feeling the specific look won’t last that long because I’ve already found one flaw in the layout when uploading a photo gallery. So don’t be surprised if there are more changes too…

Speaking of changes, the same goes for the name. As much as I like Tevytown & the TheTevyTownTranscripts flag on the homepage, I think the blog may be more effective in getting more readers with a more serious and formal name. Then again I could be wrong. I’ll post a survey and see what answers arise.

Ta ta for now.