Day 5: Change the tape in your head

I’d like to thank my mother for this phrase and concept. I’m not gonna lie but this one (so far) seems to be the hardest to conquer.

I do believe that the only things you can actually control are your thoughts and actions. Everything else is G-d’s doings and it’s our job to react and do what’s perceived as right with those circumstances in hand.

But of course our thoughts can go astray. That wonderful thing (or cop out excuse as I like to call it) called the evil inclination is constantly trying to change the tape in your head. It’s a track turned up to eleven playing some pretty sweet tunes. And yeah, we get upset, depressed, hopeless and feel like there’s no way of making things right.

Simply saying “change the tape in your head (now go!)” is inadequate and an incomplete method of being and doing positive. What can we do to complete that method?

If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice that one of my Favourite tools is anticipation. Discover what drives you off the deep end and prepare to yourself for what might come. Great. But my concern here is what to do when that tape gets flipped to that anger and depressed side. I’m struggling to find a good response for you. Oh boy… That’s a tough one to fend off.

But we know what makes us happy. Go find that. Even if it is completely off course of how to break out and avoid/stop those feelings in the future. Or maybe change that tape into a repetitive recording of you just “change the tape, change the tape, and on and on…”

Like I said: this is a tough one – one that’ll last a lifetime. But you can do it.


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