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My cameo on “Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will”

Check out the footage at 7:34 and you’ll see my shining moment.

Yeah, that’s right… I hugged a Muslim. And it was fun.

I was getting off the subway at Bloor Station on my way to an appointment when I noticed the filming. When I came back to the station after the appointment, they were still there filming. Me being the curious media dude, I asked the producer what they were filming and he immediately asked if I wanted to be interviewed. I had nothing to lose and said yes. “Kenny” (in disguise) began asking me questions regarding if it was alright if there should be a mosque built by Jews in the city. I honestly told him I had no problem with it and it would probably be a great sign of respect for two faiths to be peacefully be working towards something beneficial such as giving a group of people a place to pray; it would perhaps put Jews in a better light in the eyes of some Muslims. Kenny then spoke some Hebrew with me and that was it…. until the Muslim showed up. I stuck around to chat with the producer and all of a sudden Kenny motioned to me to come back for more. Next thing I know, Kenny is interviewing the Muslim and I simultaneously. Eventually the questions led to whether peace was possible between us, and then we hugged it out.

It wasn’t until after while signing the release did I realize that it was Kenny behind the whole thing. I went up to him in between shots and told him I had no idea it was him and that he was doing a great job. He smiled and said thanks to me and then muttered to himself, “that’s what I’m talking about,” with a big smile on his face.

The footage was shot around winter time last year (late 2010-early 2011) and wasn’t aired until July 29, 2011. The only reason I’m bringing this up now is because I never saw the footage until today, when a friend sent me the link on Facebook. Much thanks for find, bro 🙂

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Purim: A Parade of Parody

We all know about Purim spiels, shticks, and other forms of fun and ridiculous spectacle that help contribute to the joyous atmosphere of holiday, and so it shouldn’t really be a coincidence that a large amount of parodic material is popping up all over the place online.

Combining the modern trends of over-publicity as well as the numerous ways of creating and getting out there pretty much whatever you want, along with the overbearing attitude of giddiness and mischief that captures the Jewish spirit during the Purim holiday season, several videos and other forms of parody have hit the airwaves in great levels at this time of year.

And on a side-note, another reason we see a lot more videos out there is because maybe… just maybe… observant Jews are finally realizing that we don’t always have to take everything we do so seriously. And that it’s okay to laugh and make fun of the some the absurd things we do. If this is the case, then all the reason more to love Purim.

While there are several videos out there, I’m only gonna focus on a few videos that have very recently gone viral. Except for this one. You already know whyContinue reading “Purim: A Parade of Parody”

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The Definition of Awesome: Happy Microwave

You know those times when you post something on Facebook and everyone seems to love it? Yeah that happened to me yesterday after I posted this:

Don’t you see it? It’s a happy microwave!! (albeit on its side, yet nonetheless happy).

Props to my sister for finding this gem posted on RayWilliamJohnson’s Facebook wall, which we took a look at after our bi-weekly watching of his You Tube videos – which are hilarious (it’s like a modern day America’s Funniest Home Videos with crazy commentary).

I think I found this year’s Purim costume 😉

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Frum Satire inspires me

So I usually don’t toot the horn of any one particular site or cause (partially because I dislike advertising in general), but when something hits me, no… when it dropkicks me and gives me a jackknife power-bomb and still shakes my hand after the fight, I take notice… and thus feel compelled to talk about it/publicize it here.

One of my favourite blogs – Frum Satire was absolutely on fire this past week, dishing out quality posts one after the other like the cholent pot had caught fire! (the blogger- Heshy Fried, actually works as a chef… so maybe there’s a greater connection between the kitchen and the computer screen then we even know…) Continue reading “Frum Satire inspires me”

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SNL Bar Mitzvah Sketch: Only half-funny

Now don’t get me wrong, I love SNL. I watch it religiously… But this sketch kind of fulfilled the stereotypical joke about SNL sketches: They start off great, throw in a few a good laughs, but sour really quickly once the three-minute mark hits, and then it’s gone on too long and it’s all downhill from there.

As to what I mean when I say “half-funny” – the first two parodies with Taylor Swift and Jay-Z were pretty funny. Jay Pharoah nails every single impression they give him (if only the writers gave him a role that’s not an impression!). But after that, it gets ugly.

With the Katy Perry and Cee-Lo Green performances, the sketch begins to reek of trying way too hard to over-milk the sketch’s theme joke (in this case, Jewish jokes) to the very last drop. And while this is typically a trademark technique of SNL comedy, which at times produces some great laughs – e.g. The Secret Word, or anything that includes Stefon, it too often results in lame jokes that make you groan and wanna shake your head because you feel like they could’ve made the sketch so much funnier, but blew it big time.

And as for the whole idea of the sketch itself, I just thought the concept was unnecessary and overdone. To capture my inner Weekend Update anchor: Really, SNL? A sketch where Jews make fun of themselves? How original…

Try doing that at a mosque for an Islamic festival and see what kind of reaction you get… Now that’ll be entertainment! Not to mention it’ll remind people of that classic SNL “cutting edge, pushing the envelope” style of comedy we all grew to enjoy at a young age…

And it’s not like I’m offended by the sketch, because I wasn’t. That they were poking fun at a time-honoured Jewish tradition, which has been tarnished by corny dance parties (aka the old it’s more bar than mitzvah joke), it didn’t really bother me.

But from a comedic perspective, well… let’s put it this way: the moment I saw the Star of David from the backdrop of the synagogue at the beginning of the sketch, I knew this was headed for trouble…

I’m also kind of surprised they didn’t even use Andy Samberg for this sketch, in fact I’m impressed.

Perhaps this sketch would’ve been funnier had they included Kristen Wiig in it. She’s just too funny 🙂

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10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering

When I look back on 2010, dear G-d I hope I can find some kind of solace and strength from a year I honestly want to forget and move on from… But if I can’t, I can always look back on some of these ditties that came about via this blog. Here are some of my top/favourite posts from this past calendar year: Continue reading “10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering”

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The Definition of Huh?: Shabbos Goy Available

I usually don’t make posts like this, but this one was too good to hold on… Plus it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I don’t know where it’s from or where the picture was taken (besides the obvious New York Lottery sign), but it’s just too absurd – and therefore funny.

And even though I’ve got a few good ideas in the making, I just don’t have the time to get ’em in there. Better to start small and work up the ladder slowly, instead of taking massive steps before realizing my arms and legs are too small & weak to climb up the next rung.

Nonetheless… posts are coming.

‘Nuff said.