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My favourite Jack Layton & Wade Belak moments

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Over the past two weeks, two well-known Canadians passed away. One was a politician, the other a hockey player. And even though their professions were very much different (besides the aspect of immense competition involved), they both shared in common something more important – they were stand-up & exceptional human beings.

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The Definition of Awesome: Pittsburgh Steelers DE Brett Keisel a Breslov Chasid?

I just found this video posted all over the blogosphere and I love it.

Sure it’s fake (and Keisel will probably  some something to say about all this), but you can’t ignore the hilarity of it all.

Thanks to You Tube user urirosenzweig for this gem!

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The Definition of Awesome: Ricky Williams considers converting to Judaism

You can now add NFL running back Ricky Williams to growing list of high-profile, African-American public figures who have recently embraced Judaism.

Here’s the transcripts of a recent article which discusses Williams’ newfound appreciation for the Jewish faith:

According to an interview conducted by South Florida radio station, WQAM-560, the 33-year-old running back has recently been learning about the Jewish faith.

Williams began by studying the Jewish alphabet, and is currently interested in the Jewish Shabbat, Judaism’s weekly holy day. Continue reading “The Definition of Awesome: Ricky Williams considers converting to Judaism”

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Cabbie On The Street leaving The Score – a big loss for sports fans

Playing with Mike Green's hair: Typical Cabbie interaction with the athletes

I was saddened this week to hear that Cabral “Cabbie” Richards will be leaving The Score (a 24-hour sports channel in Canada) after nearly a decade of service. He was one of my favourite interviewers and he will be sorely missed.

Richards was known for his popular “Cabbie On The Street” segments where he got real up and close with athletes and fans, posing unusual questions, which usually resulted in unusually entertaining responses. Continue reading “Cabbie On The Street leaving The Score – a big loss for sports fans”

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Loser List #14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur

Jason Marquis Jason Marquis #21 of the Washington Nationals pitches against the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park on April 7, 2010 in Washington, DC.So I know Jason Marquis isn’t the only professional Jewish baseball player, but that’s not going to stop me from picking on him for pitching on Yom Kippur.

That’s because here at TevyTown, we find it necessary to illustrate in great detail the idiocy or lack of common sense that drives people to do stupid things. Remember kids, don’t hate people, hate the stupid things people do.

And I hate how Jason Marquis, 32 (born in Mahasset, NY & raised in Staten Island) made his scheduled pitching start for the Washington Nationals this past Friday night against the Philadelphia Phillies, a night that coincided with Kol Nidre, the beginning of Yom Kippur, one of the holiest days of the year on the Jewish calendar. The 25 hour holiday, beginning at sunset on Friday and concluding one hour after sunset the following day, celebrates the day that G-d forgives the Jewish people for their sins throughout the past year. The day is spent mostly in synagogue, with congregants immersed in serious prayer, while restricting themselves from various physical pleasures such as eating, drinking, bathing etc. Continue reading “Loser List #14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur”

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The Definition of Awesome: Fear the Deer

This’ll be a quick one… The Milwaukee Bucks basketball team (NBA) recently had a campaign for their playoff run entitled “Fear the Deer.” Well on Sunday night they were bounced from the playoffs in Game 7 of their series against the Atlanta Hawks. But while this was taking place, something quite extraordinary happened at a restaurant in Menomonie, Wisconsin, which isn’t too far from Milwaukee. Two stray deer unexpectedly burst into the restaurant as patrons were watching Bucks that very game. The restaurant manager reportedly said that they may have come from the golf course situated beside the restaurant. No one was hurt…

Oh the irony…. and the awesomeness.

And speaking of awesomeness, this outstanding footage below was captured coincidentally enough during that same series between the Bucks and the Hawks.

‘Nuff said.

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The Definition of Awesome: Gold medal game delays flight

It’s a short article and that’s because the point is made quite quickly. And in the words of my cousin, who works for Fox News in Washington D.C., can you blame them?

Here’s the story from the Ottawa Citizen:

Flying fans refuse to walk out on game

Air Canada was forced to delay a flight from Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics because passengers watching the end of men’s hockey final on airport televisions ignored repeated calls to board. “We incurred a flight delay for a reason Air Canada had not yet encountered in over 72 years of existence,” Air Canada chief executive Calin Rovinescu said.

If I were on that flight, I’d be right beside those passengers glued to the TV screen, hanging on every moment of the gold medal in the waiting!

Props to Cara Schayer for the post on Facebook!

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Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Thoughts on the games before they become irrelevant seems only fitting that I miss the most important hockey game likely to be played in my lifetime.
Why? Because I don’t want to be an addicted sports junkie anymore.

Yeah that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’ll more on that in another post coming soon. But as a short preview, let’s say I’d like to calm the Vancouver 2010 Olympics my “bittersweet swan song” and my “farewell to being a sports addict”.

But this post is about the Olympics.

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2000’s Favourites – Sports: Team Canada, Leafs, Raptors, Maccabi Tel Aviv, London Knights, Mike Weir

When I think about the past decade in regards to sports, I have to think about things in two separate categories.

The good and the bad.

Toronto and non-Toronto. before we do that, there’s one moment that shines above the rest. Without question, it’s the gold medal winning 2002 Canadian Olympic Hockey Teams.

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Leafs vs Coyotes on December 16: A lot has changed in 11 years December 16, 1998- The Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the Phoenix Coyotes and defeated them 5-2 at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was my first hockey game.
While the teams may be the same a lot has changed in 11 years.

Last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Phoenix Coyotes in an NHL hockey game at the Air Canada Centre. To anyone else, it was just another game on the schedule. But to me, discovering this game on this date was quite interesting and holds much sentimental value. Continue reading “Leafs vs Coyotes on December 16: A lot has changed in 11 years”