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Thoughts on turning 24

When the clock struck midnight last night, the age twenty three I was no longer,  thus bringing forth the arrival of the Great Two-Four (as we like to call it north of border). And while my joy for the realization of that number is great, it doesn’t even come close to how happy I am to NOT be twenty three any more.

23 is now the past… And 24 is the future. (And I am Jack Bauer… racing against the clock, doing my very best to thwart the terrorists threatening to trample the town that is Tevy…)

(And yes… I just used ten straight words starting with ‘T’, and eleven out of twelve when including Tevy.)

And though finding it very hard to believe (being 24), I am nonetheless happy and very much looking forward to what next year has to offer.

And I wouldn’t be anywhere without the grace of G-d and the copious amount of support from all the people who care about me. I am beyond appreciative.

And since it is December 16 (and I of course want more hits), feel free to check out a previous post I wrote about said date. That being said, I’d like to wish all the people of Kazakhstan a very happy Independence Day…. It’s nice!!

Much thanks once again.

You’re older today. And that’s a good thing.H to the B, young fella.

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It’s My Birthday, And I’m Happy

When the clock strikes midnight, the date will be December 16. And I will one year older…

It was 23 years ago on this date that yours truly came into being.

And no matter how things may seem in the long run, or even the short run – there is NOTHING that can stop me from being happy about this occasion.

Not even that exam I have to take at 9 am until noon. (Albeit even though I’ll be 23 at midnight… when the clock strikes noon, I’ll be Free and 23 😉

My birthday tends to be a more than one day celebration and hopefully this year is no different…

And as for the year altogether, I guarantee it’ll be much better than 22. Personally I don’t wanna remember 22….

So another new beginning starts for me, and let’s hope with G-d’s help, great things will happen and are bound to come for year #23

H to the B!