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Toronto & Ontario Commercial Jingles

In honour of the Super Bowl, and specifically the unnecessary madness that ensues over the commercials, I’ve decided to publish a little something I’ve had in mind of posting for a while…

Every city has its own companies and businesses, which usually results in several jingles and commercials that are somewhat exclusive to that surrounding area. And as you’ll eventually see (and hear) below, Toronto is a perfect example of this. And if you were brought up watching television or listening to the radio in Toronto, you’d be surprised to realize just how many of these jingles have become so ingrained in your memory….

To be honest, I was bored one night back in December during my winter break and was just randomly searching You Tube videos while having a nostalgic trip back to the 90’s when I came across a few hysterical commercials I saw when I was a kid. This eventually led me to this video, which featured a few Toronto classics, and I’ll admit, it was pretty funny. But then it got me thinking… there’s gotta be so many more “Toronto specific” ads out there! And while I’ve seen other commercials posted and parodied on You Tube… besides that one video, no one’s tried to publicize what I like to call: The Toronto Soundtrack or The Sounds of Toronto (whichever one sounds better)…

One You Tube channel – Retrontario – does a splendid job of posting classics, but nowhere else could I find current Toronto classics all placed together in one annoying ensemble…

So after spending a one or two days trying to recall certain jingles, as well as scanning the airwaves and local television channels (like 680 news, Fan 590, CFRB 1010, CP 24, Citytv, Omni 1 & 2), I came up with list of ads of which I felt would be known by everyone in Toronto at least once or twice in their lifetime. I recorded myself singing the jingles one after the other in one shot, found matching visuals to identify the company/business, and made the video.

I could go on and on about some of the specific jingles, but I’ll leave that for another post… I’ll at least post the list of the jingles included in the video at the bottom of this post

Anyways… I hope you enjoy the video.

And don’t expect to hear any of these jingles while watching or listening to the Super Bowl tonight… (unless listening to the game on the Fan 590)

My You Tube channel is entitled tevster1316

Toronto Jingles

Alexanian – do do do do doo… Alexanian!
Sleep Country –
Sleep Country Canada, why buy a mattress anywhere else?
Oliver Jewelers –
I’m the cashman, I’ll give you money for your gold, oh yeah!! x2
Alarmforce –
Call 1-800-267-2001, Alarmforce! (Alaramforce is listed on the TSX)
Tim Hortons –
Always fresh, always Tim Hortons…
Bad Boy –
Who’s better than Bad Boy? Noooobodyyyyy!! Nobody’s better, no nobody!! (C’mon folks!)
Value Home Centers –
Value has everything you need… (do the value dance!)
Barnes and Castle –
Come to Barnes and Castle, now you’re really cooking! –, call 1-866-Wow-Deal, and get away for less, 1-866-Wow-Deal
Pizza Pizza –
567-11-11, Call Pizza Pizza, hey hey hey!
2for1 Pizza –
2 for 1 Pizza, Call 2 for 1, oh 2 for 1…
Bay Bloor Radio –
Bay Bloor Radio – the right sound for the right price
Korry’s –
Saaauuuullll Korman!! At Korry’s, 569 Danforth Ave.
Body Break –
Do do do, do Do!! Body Break! (do do do do)
United Furniture Warehouse
– United Furniture Warehouse, BAH BAH!!
– Everyone loves Marineland!
African Lion Safari
– African Lion Safari!!

Empire Today – 800-588-2-300 Empire… Today…
310 Cash –
Call 310-Cash, Stop ‘N’ Cash
Celino & Barnes
– Celino & Barnes…

Good things grow in Ontario – see title.
Swiss Chalet –
Life should taste as good as Swiss Chalet OR Swiss Chalet, always so good for so little
Home Hardware –
Home Hardware, help is close to home! OR Homeowners, helping homeowners…
Long and McQuade –
Long and McQuade, where the music begins!
Pizza Nova –
Four-three-nine-oh-oh-oh-oh PIZZA NOVA!
Four-three-nine-oh-oh-oh-oh PIZZA NOVA!
A real
Italian pizza with flavour you can savour!
Get a real big “
grazie” (?) and do yourself a favour!
pick up the phone and call us, pick up the phone and call us now!
Phone-a Pizza Nova, pick up the phone and get a
Four-three-nine-oh-oh-oh-oh PIZZA NOVA!
Four-three-nine-oh-oh-oh-oh PIZZA NOVA!

Green ‘P’ Parking – Green P Parking’s for you…

Speedy Glass – Speedy Glass Repairs, Speedy Glass Replace…

Apple Auto Glass – Apple Auto Glass!

Canadian Tire – whistlingdo do do, do do!

Audio and Video 2001 – “do do”, 2001… Audio and Video 2001…

Fabricland – Fabricland, Fabricland!!

Hakim Optical – Your eyes can have it all at Hakim Optical!


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