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It’s official: I work for a newspaper! (a Jewish one too!)

tribune-paperSo I’ve been holding back this announcement for a little it of time because it wasn’t entirely official and by the time I got the position, I was up to my shoulders in work (!).

But, yes, I am the newest employee of the Jewish Tribune, Canada’s largest weekly Jewish newspaper. Continue reading “It’s official: I work for a newspaper! (a Jewish one too!)”

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Rav Chaim Flom זצ”ל, one year later

One year ago today, we were all saddened by the loss of our dear rebbe, Rabbi Chaim Flom, Rosh yeshiva and co-founder of Yeshivat Ohr David.

Although I was not in yeshiva when he passed, nor is today the actual hebrew date of his death (14 Iyyar – which was May 8,  2009), I’m still compelled to write something about a truly wonderful man. Continue reading “Rav Chaim Flom זצ”ל, one year later”

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Life and What Life Should Be- Lag B’Omer 5769

Here's the bonfire before....
Here's the bonfire before....

This is the long-overdue first segment of this feature, which will take a look at my life (or just that area around me) and contrast it with how I/the world should be managing things based on the perspective of living as an Observant, G-d fearing Jew.

Today is one of my favourite days of the year – here’s why:

Continue reading “Life and What Life Should Be- Lag B’Omer 5769”