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Changes for 2011 @ TevyTown

When it comes to the quality of this blog, I often find myself asking how I can I improve it without imputing too much effort and or strain on myself. Well… maybe not so much effort, rather how can I improve the blog without having to spend money on things such as changing the domain name or revamping the layout (does spending money really equate into effort?)

Regardless of that, I’ve decided to implement a few changes/initiatives that I believe will ultimately impact the blog and the quality of it in a more
positive manner altogether. Some of them will be quite immediate & evident – i.e. name changes, visual alterations etc, while others will be more subtle, which pretty much means you’ll most likely see their presence on a not-so-often basis due to my inability to properly manage my time and energy properly for normal life things (like eating… yes I know, that’s kind of sad… but just kind of 😉

So here are some of those changes you should expect to see in the future of this blog: Continue reading “Changes for 2011 @ TevyTown”

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10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering

When I look back on 2010, dear G-d I hope I can find some kind of solace and strength from a year I honestly want to forget and move on from… But if I can’t, I can always look back on some of these ditties that came about via this blog. Here are some of my top/favourite posts from this past calendar year: Continue reading “10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering”

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10,000 Hits (and I didn’t do anything special to get them!?)

I’m actually really shocked. I guess people actually read my blog.

Even after an explicit month-long hiatus, my blog manages to skyrocket in hits. And I can’t really explain it.

Well maybe I can, but not to a great degree…

While I know people read the posts I link on Facebook, it’s the search engine results that are helping me out. Specifically my year in review posts are the one garnering the most attention. On February 10, 2010,  I received 614 posts and 511 on the following day. Both those days were during my hiatus. I looked up to see where the views came from but I can’t explain it…

Oh well… there’s no need to explain or figure a good thing that kind of just happened… It does make me want to write archived year in review posts so to pile up the random views that come in everyday. According to my blog stats, I get about 50-70 hits a day and over 100 hits when I actually post that day.

I don’t know what the theory to success is, so I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing since people are visiting (and not complaining!)

Thanks for all your views everyone! And don’t hesitate to give me feedback via comments!

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100th post! And I’m done with the Observer!

That’s right folks. Tevytown has reached a milestone population number today. This is the 100th post I written on the blog, dating back to when it was a smaller, uglier looking wannabe blog on Blogspot.

And what a coincidence too: Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and today is also the last day of my journalism studies at Centennial College. No I’m not out of school just yet, it just means I’ve completed my journalism courses in the program, exclusively taken at Centennial College. That also means I’m done with the East Toronto Observer, the only community newspaper serving the East Scarborough communities of Malvern, Highland Creek and West Hill.

As the calendar year comes to end, I’ll be posting more about my experiences at Centennial, including some of the most recent things I’ve done there (hence why the postings are only @ 100 and not 200 or another big number).

But yeah, this is #100… and it only took a year and few months to get there. Thanks to all the readers. It’s nice to know people take time to read something I’ve worked on. To me, that’s how my work is brought to life – so thanks for being the lungs of the blog!

Here’s a snapshot of the Observer newsroom at Centennial HP. The faces on the wall are a little thing I did when I was bored last year.

(Photo credit– Stephanie Leung)

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Loser List #7 – York University Faculty

-2009-01-09-pics-04aIt’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kind of posts, and I guess it’s only appropriate that our first post comes just after the beginning of the Fall semester school year. To any Jewish York University student, it’s not just a return to lectures and classes, it’s also a return to events and issues such as the following: Continue reading “Loser List #7 – York University Faculty”

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I’m trying a new theme… and potentially a new blog name too

If you’re reading this from the source, than you’ve probably noticed a change in scenery.

Attempting to keep things fresh (hence the theme title of “Freshy”) I’ve decided to change the theme of the blog. So far I look the look, but I’ve got  a feeling the specific look won’t last that long because I’ve already found one flaw in the layout when uploading a photo gallery. So don’t be surprised if there are more changes too…

Speaking of changes, the same goes for the name. As much as I like Tevytown & the TheTevyTownTranscripts flag on the homepage, I think the blog may be more effective in getting more readers with a more serious and formal name. Then again I could be wrong. I’ll post a survey and see what answers arise.

Ta ta for now.

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NYC (Going + coming back and getting sick) = delay of posts

I’ve been meaning to post a few things about my recent trip to New York City but some bad health has prevented me from doing so. Never fear… I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to share some thoughts.

I figured one post about everything would suffice, but I’ve decided to divide some topics into their own posts – since I’ve got a lot to write about.

Stay tuned…

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My new YouTube Channel

Well, it’s not really new… I just decided to finally add some of my videos. At least now you won’t see how many videos I’ve actually watched…

So far, I’ve got on there some of my freelancing rally videos – one from a CUPE rally back in January, another at Yonge & Dundas Square (I don’t remember at the moment when, but I do know that it was a blistering cold day). I’ve also got a lost video from yeshiva days (I believe I wrote about this when I found it), which chronicles a visit made by my mom. Every time I watch it, I get cracked up because of all the little inside jokes exclusive to our year in yeshiva. Here’s the fabulous footage:

Take a look and keep posted for updates. I’ll add a few older ones later on.