My two favourite Rob Ford jokes

In this city we call Toronto, we have a mayor who is very easy to target. And that’s not just because of horizontally-challenged physique. It seems that no matter what this guy does or doesn’t do, he’s bound to gets scrutinized for it. It’s really too bad as well, since it probably just adds unnecessary pressure to an already very stressful and demanding job. However as a political figure, taking the heat from all sides is very much part of the job description. And even though I hope he succeeds in making Toronto a better place (so far he’s screwing up everything he touches), I still want to put in my two cents of mockery… Continue reading “My two favourite Rob Ford jokes”


Only happy posts from now on

So I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and I’ve decided to stop using my blog as a place to express myself when I’m having feelings of sadness.

I used to say that the self benefits of doing this would outweigh the potential negative consequences that would result. But after doing some thinking as well as talking about this to a friend who had the guts to say some very strong and meaningful things to me (that no one else would say), I realized that I could no longer find any strong enough benefits that would legitimize writing these things on my wall.

I’ve learned that there are more than enough ways to deal with my issues without taking it to an incredibly public locale. Even though I’ve learned to be more open with my feelings, I’ve also learned about the values of control and discretion.

So from now on, all you’ll see on this blog is what I like to call entertainment and information.

Sure this space is called TevyTown, but from on it’ll be less Tevy, and more “town”, which in a sense is you, the reader.

Enjoy the goods to come.


Remembering my cousin, Yale Pilz (1982-2002)

Nine years ago today, Yale Pilz, a second cousin of mine, was tragically killed in car accident.

I was reminded of this anniversary by his brother Evan, who created a Facebook group in his memory.

Even though I was thirteen when he died and we didn’t share too many memories together, simply the mentioning of his name was capable of bringing smiles to me and to other peoples’ faces along with great feelings of joy, laughter and overall happiness. Continue reading “Remembering my cousin, Yale Pilz (1982-2002)”