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Welcome to Tevytown, Population 1 and counting…

So in an attempt to build some consistency with my writing, I’ve decide to create this blog. I hope whomever reads it, enjoys it. It’ll consist of a variety of things such as:

Various News/ Happenings (with some personal commentary attached)
Things going on my life and around me – (the stuff worth sharing with the world, or simply to express externally because I have to get it out of me
Torah (can’t go wrong with that!)

and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. Like weird occurrences or things said or done by people, random flashbacks/bouts of nostalgia, or stories and experiences that happened to me in the past worth sharing…

Once again, thank you for visiting Tevytown. Take seat belt above you and place it in the buckle on the seat between your legs. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Tevytown is open for business…