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Loser List #7 – York University Faculty

-2009-01-09-pics-04aIt’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kind of posts, and I guess it’s only appropriate that our first post comes just after the beginning of the Fall semester school year. To any Jewish York University student, it’s not just a return to lectures and classes, it’s also a return to events and issues such as the following:

It was reported today in Excalibur, the York UNiversity newspaper that:

Forty York University faculty members contributed personal funds to “defray” the $1,000   fine that was imposed on the Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) York student group for participating in an anti-Zionist demonstration in Vari Hall last winter.

Now the story –  the assistance of professors towards paying student fines, that itself is something out of the ordinary. That it happened to the Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) – not so surprising.

The story discussed a faculty group entitled “Concerned Faculty For Palestinian Human Rights,” came along and paid the $1,000 fine given to the SAIA. Fine. And then it goes on about how “repression” concerning Palestinian students speaking out has been a familiar tactic of York U Administration. And how Krisma Saravanamuttu has no problem siding with ignorance (I’ve already ragged on him in a previous Loser List post).

You know… the same old song and dance… Nothing new here so far…

But then I read something that makes me wonder why some people are given positions of authority. That something was form York’s VP of academic and provost and head of the Task Force (yawn…) on Student Life, Learning and Community, who says “it’s perfectly fine if a group of people want to pay other people’s fines.”

So let me get this straight,  according to those words, there’s no distinction between students and professors – since they’re all referred to as “people.”

Can someone explain to me what the hell has happened to impartiality?

If I got fined for something and my prof offered to pay, sure I’d be hesitant to receive the cash, but it really does come down as to why I’m getting fined and why I’m getting help from a faculty. And clearly none of these factors in this case justifies the assistance of the faculty group.

It had been a pretty quiet summer at the confines of York University and with good reason too. Then again, I don’t who in their right mind would want to spend any more time at York when they don’t have to, especially after the long strike that extended the entire year.

Looks like school’s really back in session now.

New: York University Faculty
Old-timers: Sid Ryan & CUPE Ontario, David Ahenakew, George Galloway, NDP Ontario, NION (Not in Our Name),  Oakland Ross and Safwat HigaziIrish Secondary School peopleMunicipal Workers of TorontoOmar Shaban,Nagla Al-Imam & Al-Arabiya TVKrisna Saravanamuttu

* Mayor Miller is off the list because he’s making a good move in stepping down at the end of his term. It takes a wise man to know when he’s beaten.

* Stay updated as I roll out the Loser List page for the blog…. Coming soon.

1 thought on “Loser List #7 – York University Faculty”

  1. If Mayor Miller didn’t step down it would be blatantly obvious he sold out to the unions (which he used to work for). This way he’s only suspected and nothing more. He screwed our city up the orifice.

    You also got to love the 1 billion lost dollars from our e-health care system… hiring consultants for 10 years and no show for the work… I say the government should bill back the 1 billion from the companies. That or sue it from the people in charge for the last ten years.

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