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For the longest time I wanted to do something like this, but felt like I never had the time or material to consistently maintain it. But after realizing my writing was rusty, I needed to find a way to consistently continue writing. Thus came the need for Tevytown…

The idea of a blog came about while in News Reporting class, where my professor was going on about where news comes from. After going over traditional methods, she began discussing the internet and how it has evolved into such a way to get and receive news. That’s where blogs came up. I knew about them and read some but that was it. But when my prof pulled up her own blog, that’s when I knew I had to do this myself. Why not? Aside from writing consistently about whatever comes to mind, I could even use the blog as a place to publish my own news stories, with my own personal twist of course.

Tevytown is precisely that. It’s a collection of various thoughts going on in my head and my own perception of various current events. I won’t hesitate from discussing any topic – I don’t like keeping to one specific beat, because it gets boring and repetitive eventually… However, you’ll certainly find me posting about some things more than others, simply because they’re personal favourites to delve into, or becuase they’re hot commodities. For example:

  • Being that I’m a university student studying journalism, don’t be surprised to see me talking about what’s going on around me at school or where and what I’m doing in my program.
  • Judaism and Israel are integral in my life so that’ll be another thing you can expect to see.

Of course there’s much more I could give over, but then there’d be nothing left to read on the blog!!

I’ll also throw in some on-going post topics such as:

  • The Loser List: A list of jerks, morons, idiots, (insert your own derogatory label) who just make bad choices, or say bad things. It’s easy enough to ridicule them, which I most definitely will 😉 but remember:  here @ Tevytown, we don’t hate people, we hate the decisions they make.
  • The Definition of Awesome: The title says it all… unlike the Loser List, this category highlights the highlights deemed highlights by yours truly (yeah, I know… one too many highlights is kind of blinding to the editor’s eyes…) So here’s hoping you enjoy some of the things that make me smile.
  • This Day in Yeshiva History: With the help of journal excerpts, we go back to the years 2005-06 when I was in Yeshiva in Israel. It’ll recap what I did on that day and possibly how it’s relevant to my life right now.
  • Life and What Life Should Be: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis wrote a book called “Life is a Test.” No truer words could’ve been spoken. In this section, I’ll be documenting some issues that affect my life as observant Jew living today’s society. A bit of Torah amongst the craziness.

Tevytown is open to all people. I won’t discriminate on who decides to read my blog, rather I encourage everyone to speak their minds and express themselves if they desire. I won’t tolerate malicious activity whatsoever… that doesn’t mean I won’t  rant about it 😉

Here’s hoping you find meaning in what you find in Tevytown.

About me

Tevy Aaron Pilc is my real full name. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I refuse to fit the mold of those around me.  I instead choose to observe & analyze and perhaps learn something along the way. I’m an observant Jew, but not until I was 18. I spent the majority of my high school years involved with NCSY, a Jewish youth organization dedicated to re-connecting young Jews to their faith. During that time I wouldn’t say I was apathetic towards my faith, but rather it wasn’t the most important thing in my life. That all changed after spending a year in yeshiva, a Jewish learning institution devoted to teaching biblical texts in Jerusalem, Israel. It was the most important and best year of my life. Upon returning, I began my studies at the University of Toronto in Scarborough, specializing in Journalism, minoring in English Lit. and History. I live in Thornhill, Ontario – a town just north of Toronto with a fairly large Jewish community.

I’m a big sports fan. Reading the morning sports section at a young age was one of the primary reasons I got into journalism. Whether it’s hockey, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf, lacrosse or any other popular sport, I play it and follow it. Toronto sports teams will always have special significance to me.

Music is another great love of mine. Though I can’t play any instrument (except for the bongos which I’m in the process of learning), I love to listen. My mp3 player is an essential object to daily living, especially with those long bus rides to and from school. I’m a big classic rock guy, along with some alternative rock too. Bands like Zeppelin, Queen, Floyd, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Metallica, Coldplay, The Doors and a bunch of others are prevalent on the playlist. But you can’t go wrong with Jewish music too…but not all the time…

I’m what you call a “wannabe Jewish Journalist”. The two entities may be worlds away on the outside, but within me, I do my best make them get along… I’m currently in the Journalism program the University of Toronto and Centennial College. Through the program, I’m a staff writer for the East Toronto Observer, a newspaper serving the communities of Malvern, Highland Creek and West Hill.

Whenever I’m not there, you can usually find me in my hometown of Thornhill, Ontario, which is just north of Toronto (off of Bathurst street – like almost every other Jew in the city). My family and I are longtime members of the Westmount Commmunity Shul, which is located in the Westmount CI high school on shabbos and in our Learning Center on Disera Drive during the rest of the week. Much gratitude to NCSY and Torah High for helping me rediscover how awesome Judaism really is, and helping to pave the way for a lifelong journey filled with more meaning then I ever dreamed of…

Give me a shout or send me message. I love to chat about pretty much anything. Seriously.

Email me @ tevypilc@gmail.com

And of course you can find me on Facebook too.


5 thoughts on “About Tevytown”

  1. I write my own blog, Leftover Cholent, for many of the same reasons that you write yours. Your writing is good, and I think it’s up to college students like us to fine tune our talent. Keep it up!

    1. Hey Donyel,
      Thanks for comment!
      I’m actually kind of flattered you commented, cause I read your blog and I’m a fan. I really like your style and likewise appreciate the efforts of a fellow observant university Jew trying to bring something important into the world (or at least some common sense).
      I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

      1. We do have common sense- I think that both you and I just provide an view of aspects Judaism that people all know deep down, just don’t take the time to really think about.

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