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Watching Twitter when Facebook goes down

So I’m on Facebook at around 5:30 last Thursday (Dec 10) afternoon (5:21 to be exact – you’ll see why later), when all of a sudden the server goes down and nothing is responding.

Most of the time it’s just a computer problem, but I’m at school and the Internet usually runs smoothly (unlike at home, where using a certain phone kills the connection… of all the technology, they can’t avoid that problem…sigh)

Trying to figure out what’s up, I log on to Twitter and see if there’s an answer. Why not? That’s where everyone seems to find out everything right away, including Michael Jackson… I have an account and I don’t use it often, partially because I’m too drawn to Facebook and to me Twitter still has that loserish stigma of people posting stupid moments like “I just flushed the toilet!”

At about 5:23, I type in “facebook” into the search engine and see who’s included the word in their tweets. I’m surprised to see only two tweets, only one of them about what’s wrong with facebook.

20 seconds later a notification pops up on the screen telling me there have been “25 new tweets since I started searching.” I click the link and now it gets fun.

What’s wrong with facebook?

Ahhh! facebook isnt working = end of world

no facebook ugh

Why isn’t facebook working????

#Facebook is down for the count.

Another 20 seconds later comes another notification tells me of 100 new posts since I began the search. Which means more comedy.

facebook moving slow. time to get on omgpop.com

Twitter’s dead and Facebook is slow as Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🙂

Facebook Is Totally Down

stupid evil facebook! its gone downhill in my opinion.

Another 20 seconds pass, another 100+ posts. And repeat the cycle… (inhale, read, laugh, exhale, new notification…)

I love how people migrate to Twitter now over everything. It’s kind of like that engagement post I did not too long ago, except to larger scale and about not so important things (i.e. facebook going down).

Too me it’s just comedy, but it is interesting to see the trends of people resorting to another social networking site when another one goes down.

Here’s my tweet @ 5:24:

it’s funny when i check twitter when facebook is down… now there’s a tidal wave of tweets coming in

I would’ve posted the screenshots at the time but work came first at the time…

Nuff’ said.

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The Definition of Awesome: Wedding Proposal

I just had to post this. This is a video of a friend of mine proposing to his now fiancée.

The setup and delivery is just awesome. As an appreciator of enticing great reactions out of people, I’m very impressed (and happy of course!)
Makes me think of what to do when I get to pop the question…

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Engagement fever: It’s more contagious than H1N1

Let’s see here… in about the last 12 hours, I’ve found out that seven friends/acquaintances just got engaged. That’s seven friends, 4 engagements.

Sorry, check that… Make it eight people… just found out about another…

Actually make it 9 (I’m dead serious!, well even though that last one happened a little over a month ago, I only found out about it now…) So now it’s 9 friends, 6 engagements…

All this makes me wonder about the nature of announcing engagements in the Jewish world and with keeping up with them, especially with the medium of the internet making it so much easier to spread the word. And with that, here are a few observations I’ve compiled about the whole shtick: Continue reading “Engagement fever: It’s more contagious than H1N1”

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A Trip Down South… of Eglinton. Pt. 1

Based on where I live in the Toronto/Thornhill Jewish vicinity, it’s not every day I get the chance to get a feel for different parts of the community. Well… unless you have a lot devotion to hours a few hours in some bizarre Toronto summer weather on Shabbat, than nothing should be holding you back (except for an eiruv, but I’ll get to that later…)

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The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve really gotten into posting and commenting YouTube videos as blog posts. They’re quick, easy and they get the message out.
So far at least half a dozen links were posted on my Facebook Homepage, as well as being posted on fellow blogs such as Proud Zionist.
Here’s a video that my friend Shoshana was just raving about as found me doing reception duty at the office we work at. It includes footage from the Michael Coren Show, a popular Canadian radio show. Here we see Coren flat-out grilling Krisna Saravanamuttu, president of York Federation of Students.

My favourite lines include when Coren says YFS was voted in by people wasting their time rather than studying, and when Krisna says we don’t talk about Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist, rather as a Christian fundamentalist (likening him to an Islamic fundamentalist), and Coren exposes the ignorance. Continue reading “The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)”

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According to Facebook source, the Summerhill LCBO has 80 cases of wine with 12 bottles per case. That is a total of 960 bottles.

The word is that 342 people said they will be buying wine (by the time this message was sent to me by counter-protest organizers). As of now 488 have confirmed on the Facebook group that they will be attending the anti-protest.

I’m very pleased to to see that NION won’t  intimidate the Jewish community in support of Israel and buying out the entire selection of wine is a likely reality.

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Loser List #1: NION (Not in Our Name – Jews Against Israeli Wars)

How could you boycott this?
How could you boycott this?

I said I would start making this about a month or two ago and never did. But something has been done that caused me to take action….

Introducing the first honourary member of the TevyTown Loser List:

NION (Not in Our Name – Jews Against Israeli Wars

How about a round of boos (or should I say booze – Israeli booze)…

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