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The Definition of Awesome: Fear the Deer

This’ll be a quick one… The Milwaukee Bucks basketball team (NBA) recently had a campaign for their playoff run entitled “Fear the Deer.” Well on Sunday night they were bounced from the playoffs in Game 7 of their series against the Atlanta Hawks. But while this was taking place, something quite extraordinary happened at a restaurant in Menomonie, Wisconsin, which isn’t too far from Milwaukee. Two stray deer unexpectedly burst into the restaurant as patrons were watching Bucks that very game. The restaurant manager reportedly said that they may have come from the golf course situated beside the restaurant. No one was hurt…

Oh the irony…. and the awesomeness.

And speaking of awesomeness, this outstanding footage below was captured coincidentally enough during that same series between the Bucks and the Hawks.

‘Nuff said.

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Loser List #11- Clumsy Reporters

Now I usually reserve this nomination for someone (or something) current and politically relevant, particularly relating to Israel-bashers or anti-Semites, followed by a rant of some sort. But when I saw this video, I couldn’t help but shake my head, and therefore deemed worthy of Loser List distinction. And I’ve even found a way add a small rant on it as well (in addition to simply saying “FAIL”).

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