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Potentially Awesome News: Skittles rumoured to become OU Kosher certified

According to Kosher Travel News & Reviews / YeahThat’, speculation has emerged that Skittles will be given a kosher certification by the Orthodox Union (OU).

I don’t really know the authenticity of these rumours, nor do I know much about the source of where I found this wonderful news, but nonetheless just thinking about the possibility of eating my favourite childhood candy once again is enough of a reason to publicize the possibility of it coming to fruition.

After every single hockey game I played when I was younger, I would go immediately to the closest vending machine in the arena and purchase one of two choices for a post-game snack. One was berry-flavoured Powerade drink, and the other was whatever available package of Skittles. What a great snack. The day I found out they weren’t kosher (since they contain gelatin) was heartbreaking.

One can only dream… if not taste (the rainbow, that is…)

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Chomp! Magazine: My IPAO award-winning magazine

AWARD-WINNING MAGAZINE: Left to right, front row are journalism students Tevy Pilc (with what’s left of his home-brought kosher meal… while everyone else had steak), Katrina Rozal and Maxx Smith. Back row, left to right are journalism professor Ellin Bessner and Barry Finn of the IPAO.

It’s not everyday you win an award, and even though that day was quite a while ago, you can’t blame me for wanting to publicize my happiness, which came as a result of the hard work put in to make it happen (or something like that…) Continue reading “Chomp! Magazine: My IPAO award-winning magazine”