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Loser List #18: Hasidic newspaper cuts out Hillary Clinton & Audrey Tomason from “Situation Room” picture

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So I know there’s a thing called “modesty,” but this is just ridiculous. Sure it may be a standard practice as noted in the report below (which is something for the sake of modesty I am totally in favour of), but no one in their right mind can believe that there’s any rational reason under the guise of modesty necessary to completely remove the two women from the photo. Continue reading “Loser List #18: Hasidic newspaper cuts out Hillary Clinton & Audrey Tomason from “Situation Room” picture”

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Loser List #17: Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha & Saudi Arabian officials for believing Israel is using animals as spies/weapons

Ahh!! Jaws!!! I mean Jews!!

If it wasn’t enough that Jews just have to be behind a number of pop-culturally based conspiracies, it looks some more educationally challenged people in the world have reason to believe that Jews are now responsible for using animals as vehicles to harm arabs and muslims AND as a secret service spy techniques.

In the first case we Egyptian officials claiming that the Mossad was responsible for shark attacks in the Red Sea. And in the second case we Saudi Arabian officials as well as the governor of Egypt’s South Sinai province Mohamed Abdel Fadil claiming that Israel was also behind vultures being used by the secret service.

Now I can understand sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads, but this is just ridiculous…

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10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering

When I look back on 2010, dear G-d I hope I can find some kind of solace and strength from a year I honestly want to forget and move on from… But if I can’t, I can always look back on some of these ditties that came about via this blog. Here are some of my top/favourite posts from this past calendar year: Continue reading “10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering”

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Shomer Negiah Fail: Tifatul Sembiring & Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama shakes hands with Indonesian Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, as the Obamas arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday. Yes… that’s what I’m calling it. I obviously know he’s not Jewish and wouldn’t know a thing about the term, but to this observant Jew, what happened here is clear demonstration of Shomer Negiah failure.

Here’s what happened: On a trip to Indonesia, US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle met with various foreign diplomats and representatives of said country. One of those individuals was Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring. Continue reading “Shomer Negiah Fail: Tifatul Sembiring & Michelle Obama”

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Loser List #14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur

Jason Marquis Jason Marquis #21 of the Washington Nationals pitches against the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park on April 7, 2010 in Washington, DC.So I know Jason Marquis isn’t the only professional Jewish baseball player, but that’s not going to stop me from picking on him for pitching on Yom Kippur.

That’s because here at TevyTown, we find it necessary to illustrate in great detail the idiocy or lack of common sense that drives people to do stupid things. Remember kids, don’t hate people, hate the stupid things people do.

And I hate how Jason Marquis, 32 (born in Mahasset, NY & raised in Staten Island) made his scheduled pitching start for the Washington Nationals this past Friday night against the Philadelphia Phillies, a night that coincided with Kol Nidre, the beginning of Yom Kippur, one of the holiest days of the year on the Jewish calendar. The 25 hour holiday, beginning at sunset on Friday and concluding one hour after sunset the following day, celebrates the day that G-d forgives the Jewish people for their sins throughout the past year. The day is spent mostly in synagogue, with congregants immersed in serious prayer, while restricting themselves from various physical pleasures such as eating, drinking, bathing etc. Continue reading “Loser List #14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur”

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Loser List #13: Hasan Bolkhari & Hazem Abu Ismail

Hasan Bolkhari

So one of the more popular things for Israel-bashers to do of late is to take random thing in the world, for example an animal or a product, and relay its actions or characteristics as antisemitic or something of the sort. What I mean is that they find some random piece of pop-culture and go on to say that’s its part of a crazy “Jewish/Zionist conspiracy theory” of how we’re taking over the world or some other nonsense. It’s a tool for racism that’s been practiced beyond count throughout the annals of history, and although that means this is nothing really new, it just comes to show how little progression, growth, evolution or advancement anti-Semites have to show for themselves over time.

Hazem Abu Ismail

And as documenters of the present, we are therefore also documenters of history, which means it is with great benefit that we do what we can to not only record our era’s examples of anti-Semitism, but to expose it for the rest of world for now, and in the future. If someone were to view this blog post much later in the future, it would be no different then you and I visiting a museum and viewing the countless pieces of anti-Semitism produced by the Nazis or any other group of people that have tried to take on the Jews. Continue reading “Loser List #13: Hasan Bolkhari & Hazem Abu Ismail”

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Loser List #12: The jerk who dumped their garbage bag on my lawn this morning (AND didn’t recycle either)

Being clean is an important thing, both spiritually and physically. And while you can apply the connotation of what’s clean and dirty to a number of different things, one the most basic appropriations is usually given towards the disposal of garbage – aka taking out the trash.

Regardless of who you are and where you live, no one is exempt from this necessary task of orderly removing their garbage from their places of domain and placing it in another area where someone else will take it away to a bigger area full of other people’s’ garbage. Continue reading “Loser List #12: The jerk who dumped their garbage bag on my lawn this morning (AND didn’t recycle either)”

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Loser List #11- Clumsy Reporters

Now I usually reserve this nomination for someone (or something) current and politically relevant, particularly relating to Israel-bashers or anti-Semites, followed by a rant of some sort. But when I saw this video, I couldn’t help but shake my head, and therefore deemed worthy of Loser List distinction. And I’ve even found a way add a small rant on it as well (in addition to simply saying “FAIL”).

Continue reading “Loser List #11- Clumsy Reporters”

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The US Airways flight tephillin scare – why it’s a really great story

This has to be one of the most interesting stories I’ve seen in a while. And while at first I was dumbfounded by the events that made national headlines out of a 17 year-old Jewish boy’s decision to pray on an airplane. But after doing some more research more news stories about the case, there’s a lot more we can learn and smile about in the aftermath of this “misunderstanding.”

Continue reading “The US Airways flight tephillin scare – why it’s a really great story”