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July 9 Page 3
July 9 Page 3

A few stories have my byline, while some don’t… Why you ask? One of the stories is about me. And that wouldn’t look too nice if I wrote I story about myself would it? Click on the link to view just the stories or click the coinciding thumbnail, to see the story just like it would appear in the newspaper.

July 9, 2009:

Uptown Chabad honours terror victims + CAF executive member unrepentant for anti-Canadian statements (unattributed but written by me):

July 23, 2009:

‘I have tremendous sympathy for families impacted by this terrible event,’ Harper says in message

July 23, Page 6
July 23, Page 6

July 30, 2009:

Interns get a lot out of their summer jobs with B’nai Brith

July 30, Page 7
July 30, Page 7
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Life & What Life Should Be: It’s because of Tisha B’Av…

Tonight marks Tisha B’Av, the day commemorating the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem. It is considered the saddest day of the Jewish year as well as the source of all the pain and suffering in Jewish history. I find it amazing how so many bad things occurring today have taken place in the days and weeks preceding the day. (For more on this part of the post, you can scroll past the quick outline of Tisha B’Av to the bolded headline below).

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Life and What Life Should Be: Step 1- The Mikvah

At the start of the Three Weeks I made a pledge to do more with my life. So far it’s been tough but there is one thing I can say that I have accomplished that really means a lot to me. And that’s the Mikvah.
What is the Mikvah you may ask?

The Mikvah is like a ritual bath (NOT A BAPTIZING) on takes to purify his or herself spiritually. The physical cleaning may be questionable, since they’re frequented often, though I’m sure the water is cleaned often. The bath has pipes that bring in water from a natural source, which usually qualifies the mikvah as okay for use. After entering the mikvah, completely nude, one completely immerses oneself beneath the surface a few times and the deed is done. Normally most mikvah laws are reserved for woman regarding their cycle, which is a whole different topic itself (too much for this post…), men are still obligated to go to the Mikvah on certain occasions too.
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The Awesomeness of Golfing + Technology

Check out my backswing. (Photo Credit: Yonah Stumwind)
Check out my backswing. (Photo Credit: Yonah Stumwind)

Not long ago I went golfing for our annual synagogue golf tournament. Without question it’s one of the best days of the summer for several obvious reasons.

1) Golf is a male bonding sport. If you’re a male between the ages of 10-120, grew up in the western world and probably knowledgeable about the game (which means you probably have the money to play often), add a few of your friends or business associates and you’ve got a fantastic day ahead of you.

2) Being outside is nice too…

3) Hoookups rule: Arguably one of the best word combos out there, which makes sense because it’s definition is pretty much a combination of one person pulling strings for another,  resulting in fun for both people. That was the case on tournament day as yours truly was given a $200+ discount for the tournament. Following the tournament head’s example, I brought along a friend for the day who also received a free day of fun. Put it this way: 1 round of golf + golf carts + barbecue lunch + steak dinner (and wow were those steaks something) + giveaway bags (with a ton of useful stuff) + raffle prizes (I won a rug of all things) + rides there and back = One freakin awesome day.

4) Even if you’re not that good, there’s always apinch of fun going around. Such as riding around in the golf cart chasing geese, having the occasional shot of scotch before a few holes, photpgraphy – my friend who came along is also a camera nut so we took advantage of the scenery and geeky golf poses with my DSLR…

All in all, a fantastic day… but that wasn’t all…

Of all the days possible, the University of Toronto decided to set up my start time to enroll in courses on the very same day, one hour before tee-off. Normally, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about course selection competition since I’m in a very specialized program where I need to take specific courses. But, since I’m finishing up my minors I still had to select arbitrary courses like the rest. However, thanks to a little invention called Wi-Fi via the super awesome iPhone (which belonged to friend since the connection on my iPod touch wasn’t working too well, and I needed a password), I was still able to enroll in all the courses I was going after. And this was hours after the start time since the UofT server was down between my start time of noon until around 1:30 according to my friend who called me before teeing off about not being able to enroll as well.

Now that’s what I call productivity.

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The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve really gotten into posting and commenting YouTube videos as blog posts. They’re quick, easy and they get the message out.
So far at least half a dozen links were posted on my Facebook Homepage, as well as being posted on fellow blogs such as Proud Zionist.
Here’s a video that my friend Shoshana was just raving about as found me doing reception duty at the office we work at. It includes footage from the Michael Coren Show, a popular Canadian radio show. Here we see Coren flat-out grilling Krisna Saravanamuttu, president of York Federation of Students.

My favourite lines include when Coren says YFS was voted in by people wasting their time rather than studying, and when Krisna says we don’t talk about Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist, rather as a Christian fundamentalist (likening him to an Islamic fundamentalist), and Coren exposes the ignorance. Continue reading “The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)”

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Interesting YouTube Video

I was just sent a link to this video (props to Laura Grossman) and to show that it’s actually an up to date video (and that I’m not finding and commenting on old videos that happened to resurface), its creation date was July 11, 2009 (4 days ago) and there were only 155 views upon first viewing it.

Entitled Islamic Zionism, the video shows a quote in the Qu’ran saying that “Allah” granted the land of Israel to the Children of Israel and that at the end of days, the Children of Israel will return to the land.

Personally I’m a little skeptical of the quote… You think that someone would pick up on it before now and at least post a video about it, thus adding to the long list of Israel/Palestinian videos out there. The user (phoenixred999) who posted the video is a staunch supporter of Israel, having already posted 20 pro-Israel videos, with 231 subscribers as of now. Here’s a screenshot of the user’s YouTube homepage:phoenixred999 homepage