Common sense things you should know about the Israel-Gaza conflict

Chances are if you’re reading this, you got here from Facebook or by subscribing to the site. And therefore what I’m about to share is probably common knowledge to you. My goal is to put them out there in a simple to read/understand manner.

And if you got here by some other way, well then it’s time to learn.

Call all this a disclaimer, if you want.

Nonetheless, here are some common sense (and basic logic) things you should know about the current Israel/Gaza conflict.

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Jerusalem 2111: Whoa…

I came across a video the other day that really captivated me. It wasn’t because of what message it was trying to deliver, but rather I was taken back by the thrilling drama in a very unlikely and unfamiliar setting. And than… before I could say whoa, the climax/twist had me thinking “What?!”

Turns out the video was one of many entries for Jerusalem 2111, an international animation competition, which took place from July 2010 until the end of the calendar year. This above video took home third place. How I never came across any of these videos is a complete shock to me.

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Way To Overreact: The Bay is NOT boycotting AHAVA products

So I had this marvelous idea for a blog post where in addition to featuring The Hudson’s Bay Company (the oldest company in North America) in the Loser List for boycotting products made by Israeli cosmetics company AHAVA, I was gonna mock the decision by posting a video of myself ruining my HBC Canadian Olympic mittens with none other than some AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream (yeah, that’s odd…)

But not so fast…

At 4:37 this afternoon, HBC CEO Bonnie Brooks and Moshe Ronen, National Chair, Canada-Israel Committee released a press release denying the claim that AHAVA products were to be boycotted. In fact, boycott seems to be the completely wrong word to use in this case:

Whether or not you believe the press release (I do… for now at least), something has to be said about the quick the reaction from both sides in response to this news – The pro-Israel community with the backlash & The Bay in response to backlash. While I’ve always admired the pro-Israel community’s ability to unite in quick response to threats, it is important to actually be accurate on the claims being brought against you.

In fact even the JTA’s initial bulletin about the “boycott” has either been removed or has magically disappeared:

Another blog – Excruciating Minutiae – also reported this story, and delivered some interesting points for us to learn regarding this whole mess. It’s a good read, so check out the link above.

Rule #1 in journalism folks: Be right before being first – or in this case before jumping on the bandwagon.

Unless you’re like me and laziness kind of kicks in before legitimately responding to the events at hand…


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Loser List #17: Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha & Saudi Arabian officials for believing Israel is using animals as spies/weapons

Ahh!! Jaws!!! I mean Jews!!

If it wasn’t enough that Jews just have to be behind a number of pop-culturally based conspiracies, it looks some more educationally challenged people in the world have reason to believe that Jews are now responsible for using animals as vehicles to harm arabs and muslims AND as a secret service spy techniques.

In the first case we Egyptian officials claiming that the Mossad was responsible for shark attacks in the Red Sea. And in the second case we Saudi Arabian officials as well as the governor of Egypt’s South Sinai province Mohamed Abdel Fadil claiming that Israel was also behind vultures being used by the secret service.

Now I can understand sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads, but this is just ridiculous…

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Forest fires and no rain in Israel: What is going on???

A burnt-out bus is seen near kibbutz Beit Oren, ...Last sunday afternoon, I was sitting in synagogue listening to the Rabbi give a little drash in between Mincha and Maariv. I honestly can’t remember what he talking about (maybe it’ll come back to me as I’m writing this…), but he did mention something rather disturbing that was occurring in Israel.

He said that Israel was facing one of its worst droughts in recent history – there had been no rain since the beginning of fall/winter season. The situation had become so dire that Rabbis were calling on the people of Israel, particularly secular farmers to attend a mass prayer at the Western Wall, as well as to undertake a day of fasting. (Check out more about that story here or here.)

And now, amidst the unusual weather patterns, Israel gets hit with its worst fire in history.

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Stephen Harper will defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’

It’s been well documented how awesome is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Whether its regarding his ability to lead a nation during economically tough times, to his willingness to lighten up the mood sometimes with a bit of character, the PM definitely brings the awesomeness to the forefront.

But no more is this relevant than in the strong and outspoken support and praise the Prime Minister displays for Jews and the State of Israel. Continue reading “Stephen Harper will defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’”

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The Definition of Awesome: Shimon Peres says Jews should keep Shabbat

Yes you read that post title correctly. President Shimon Peres of Israel believes Jews should keep Shabbat.

That’s bold words coming from one of the oldest and seasoned veterans of Israeli politics (At 86, he’s been a Knesset member since 1959, until 2007 when he became president).

As much as I’d like to dig into this one – particularly on Peres’ past history on religious items and issues – I’m gonna take a pass on this one and just be happy one of the most powerful people in Israel just outwardly advocated for keeping of the fourth commandment.

(And because I’m a little overwhelmed with work + tired + not in best of moods to write because of something that’s going to happen today…. which I’ll be writing about before the end of  the week).

For more on the above story, check out Arutz Sheva’s coverage of it here.

Nuff’ said!