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Loser List #14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur

Jason Marquis Jason Marquis #21 of the Washington Nationals pitches against the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park on April 7, 2010 in Washington, DC.So I know Jason Marquis isn’t the only professional Jewish baseball player, but that’s not going to stop me from picking on him for pitching on Yom Kippur.

That’s because here at TevyTown, we find it necessary to illustrate in great detail the idiocy or lack of common sense that drives people to do stupid things. Remember kids, don’t hate people, hate the stupid things people do.

And I hate how Jason Marquis, 32 (born in Mahasset, NY & raised in Staten Island) made his scheduled pitching start for the Washington Nationals this past Friday night against the Philadelphia Phillies, a night that coincided with Kol Nidre, the beginning of Yom Kippur, one of the holiest days of the year on the Jewish calendar. The 25 hour holiday, beginning at sunset on Friday and concluding one hour after sunset the following day, celebrates the day that G-d forgives the Jewish people for their sins throughout the past year. The day is spent mostly in synagogue, with congregants immersed in serious prayer, while restricting themselves from various physical pleasures such as eating, drinking, bathing etc. Continue reading “Loser List #14: Jason Marquis pitching on Yom Kippur”

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Heartfelt gratitude & a clean slate: My Yom Kippur message

Tonight begins the holiday of Yom Kippur, one of the holiest days of the year Jewish calendar. While the day holds an immense amount of importance in both its significance – G-d forgives us for all of our sins from throughout the year, and its customs – fasting, non-leather shoes and extremely long yet certainly meaningful prayer services, I’ve been having a hard time really getting excited for holiday this time around. Continue reading “Heartfelt gratitude & a clean slate: My Yom Kippur message”

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Potentially Awesome News: Skittles rumoured to become OU Kosher certified

According to Kosher Travel News & Reviews / YeahThat’, speculation has emerged that Skittles will be given a kosher certification by the Orthodox Union (OU).

I don’t really know the authenticity of these rumours, nor do I know much about the source of where I found this wonderful news, but nonetheless just thinking about the possibility of eating my favourite childhood candy once again is enough of a reason to publicize the possibility of it coming to fruition.

After every single hockey game I played when I was younger, I would go immediately to the closest vending machine in the arena and purchase one of two choices for a post-game snack. One was berry-flavoured Powerade drink, and the other was whatever available package of Skittles. What a great snack. The day I found out they weren’t kosher (since they contain gelatin) was heartbreaking.

One can only dream… if not taste (the rainbow, that is…)

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Shana Tova!! Here’s to a successful 5771!!

As I’m writing this I’m about to take a nap, so if this post seems messy, I think you get the picture.

But regardless, I just want to wish all my Jewish readers a very healthy, happy and successful new year. Tonight marks the beginning of the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, which translates into the start of a new Jewish calendar year. And while the change of weather outside is somewhat cathartic, if not a pathetic fallacy to a changing of the season – no further do I need to look than at myself while searching for sense of change, if not a new beginning altogether.

While it’s no secret that this year didn’t turn out to be that awesome of a year (in fact, I’ve called it the worst year of my life on more than one occasion), that’s all in the past now (or at least I’d like it be that way…)

For now I have more important things to forward to – like my last year in university (for now…) at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. G-d willing I should have a Journalism degree at the end of the school year. And while that burden should hopefully be lifted soon (and without too much pain), G-d willing many other personal burdens should be lifted as well….

And in part in making things better, here’s hoping I can get to know you better. Who is you, you ask? You can anyone really… My parents, my friends, whether close or distant, family members, rabbis, fellow students and pretty much anyone I come into contact with. I cherish and value every relationship I make and encounter and I hope you can reciprocate the same feelings in return. And if it’s hard, well then we’ll just work together at it. Ain’t that the essence of a relationship – a partnership between two or more entities with a common goal in mind to achieve. G-d willing, whatever the goal may be – we’ll achieve it together… and grow stringer as a result.

Shana Tova!!