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Life and What Life Should Be: Free Vegan Lunch + $1 Pizza Slices on Subway = One irritated kosher dude

Today was a reminder that keeping kosher is worth it.
It was one of those days today where food was everywhere and I can’t have any of it. Those days are fun aren’t they?

Instead of going to class to put the Toronto Observer together as we do every other Wednesday (literally), I went downtown to the St. George U of T Campus to go cover an event highlighting the benefits of eating local food. It’s for a magazine a few of my classmates and I am working on that focuses on food issues and politics on university campuses on the GTA.

So the event is very nice and all. The organizers were very accommodating and I’m sure I’ve gotten a good story out if it.
But when the main attraction of the bit is free lunch, yet it’s off limits to you. And nonetheless it’s a vegan lunch, which on my mind is a step closer to something I can eat because I just have less things to worry about inside the food (like pig). But then there of course is the dishes and the cooking utensils and the rest of the things used to make the food and re kitchen that’s come in contact with non-kosher food, which means even if the food itself is kosher but prepared where unkosher was prepared- it’s no good. And after Tevy’s mashgiach look around, it seemed okay…

And then there was the subway rides to and from downtown, where selected stations-, which of course are those I end up going to, are giving out slices of Pizza Pizza for a dollar donation. That’s very nice of Pizza Pizza, but ugh to my eyes when everyone on sight is smiling with a slice of pizza in hand. Don’t be surprised if someone gets H1N1 from fingers going to and from pizza slice, to mouth, to dirty and disgusting handrail, back to pizza, back to mouth and repeat cycle.

But then I came home to a ready and delicious dinner so it made up for the day’s starving.

You know keeping kosher is supposed to teach a lesson of restraint, so I’ll restrain from continuing this post 🙂

Nuff’ said.


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