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A Photographer’s dream (One of many): Atop the Empire State Building, with a storm approaching…

Many of you know me personally know that I’m a big fan of photography. Ever since I was bought my first digital camera (albeit @ age 18 prior to leaving for the year in Israel), the fascination of capturing moments of life on display has been something I’ve really taken a liking towards. The liking was elevated to completely different level when a course for school required me to purchase one heavy duty camera – fit with a monstrosity of specifications. And although my career may lead me away from that of a photojournalist, let alone a photographer – I feel that photography will remain a vital skill and a personal source of enjoyment for a very long time. Continue reading “A Photographer’s dream (One of many): Atop the Empire State Building, with a storm approaching…”

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I can’t believe I missed a tornado

Call me crazy but when I found out that a tornado had hit my hometown, I wasn’t freaking out – wondering if everyone at home was alright…. Rather I was upset because I would’ve loved to get in on the action of the crazy weather. It’s not every day a Tornado hits your hometown, let alone anywhere in Southern Ontario. Continue reading “I can’t believe I missed a tornado”

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NYC (Going + coming back and getting sick) = delay of posts

I’ve been meaning to post a few things about my recent trip to New York City but some bad health has prevented me from doing so. Never fear… I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to share some thoughts.

I figured one post about everything would suffice, but I’ve decided to divide some topics into their own posts – since I’ve got a lot to write about.

Stay tuned…


I forgot how much fun fairs were

That was the first thought in my mind after spending nearly 10 minutes at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), one summer Wednesday afternoon.

To be honest, unless you’re with friends (albeit I was with my family), you have excess money, and if you have some sort of mind altering substance – alcohol (if that’s your thing), than the fun is all the much better.

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Off to NYC on August 19 for 4 days

$5 can’t get you a whole lot nowadays. That’s unless you find the right promotional code.

For that approximate price (add 50 cents) in American figures, three friends and I will be taking a little trip to New York City for an old friend’s wedding. For yours truly, this will be my first trip without anything to do with my parents driving me up anywhere (like a cottage) or with NCSY to a place outside Toronto for the first time in about 3 years, so I`m really excited. Hopefully I’ll get to see a ton of guys from yeshiva days and if not… hey it’ll still be a fun few days before evil returns the world and I have to take an expensive and inconveniently timed GO Bus to the dungeons of U of T Scarborough and Centennial College on a regular (Trust me, going just once as I did this past Thursday was enough for me.)

– on that note too, look out for a note where I may have a legitimate reason to criticize my school and program (I have to double check with staff, cause I am super-confused what is going on…I’ll explain later…)

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A Trip Down South… of Eglinton. Pt. 1

Based on where I live in the Toronto/Thornhill Jewish vicinity, it’s not every day I get the chance to get a feel for different parts of the community. Well… unless you have a lot devotion to hours a few hours in some bizarre Toronto summer weather on Shabbat, than nothing should be holding you back (except for an eiruv, but I’ll get to that later…)

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My new YouTube Channel

Well, it’s not really new… I just decided to finally add some of my videos. At least now you won’t see how many videos I’ve actually watched…

So far, I’ve got on there some of my freelancing rally videos – one from a CUPE rally back in January, another at Yonge & Dundas Square (I don’t remember at the moment when, but I do know that it was a blistering cold day). I’ve also got a lost video from yeshiva days (I believe I wrote about this when I found it), which chronicles a visit made by my mom. Every time I watch it, I get cracked up because of all the little inside jokes exclusive to our year in yeshiva. Here’s the fabulous footage:

Take a look and keep posted for updates. I’ll add a few older ones later on.


Cottage Weekend 2009

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have an unusual Shabbat experience. Well maybe not anymore since I do it at least once every summer, but to the average observant, the chance to spend Shabbat @ the cottage is quite different when compared to your normal Shabbat. Continue reading “Cottage Weekend 2009”


Small, quick update

Just like the weather was yesterday in Toronto, I should be able to post much more often now that I have completed my internship at the Jewish Tribune. Speaking of the paper, look alive for an upcoming post about my time at the Tribune, reflecting upon what I’ve learned and what I still need to do to get better. A big thanks to all those who keep with blog. I appreciate the taken to hear what I have to say about various things.