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Saying “I don’t care”

“I don’t care.”

It’s probably the most impolite thing a person can say.

Most of time you hear it without malice or true intent. It’s more of a “I’m tired and want to go to sleep” like expression. It’s a quick and flippant response to something that’s unimportant at the current time. Or maybe it’s a response to something doesn’t that doesn’t garner your attention.

But when you actually mean it, it’s flat out… well… mean.

And sometimes, to get your message across – you have to get mean.

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Maccabeats new Purim Song video: The Lame Remains the Same

Back in December, I talked about the Maccabeats, the Yeshiva University  cappella group and their video “Candlelight,” which brought in over 4.7 million hits on You Tube. Although extremely catchy, I honestly can’t stand that song. Even worse, I couldn’t even go on Facebook anymore without being bombarded with the overkill of linking to the video. In the end however, I decided to take the high road and compliment the group for capitalizing on the weak taste of today’s society for the sake of their own popularity as well as in finding a way to publicize a better understanding of the holiday via song.

I concluded by saying that “I look forward to their next big hit about how “they tried to kill us, failed, so we feast” celebration.”

But after watching the group’s newest song and video entitled “Purim Song,” I would  like to take that back that previous statement… Because I never wanna look forward to something that lame ever again. Continue reading “Maccabeats new Purim Song video: The Lame Remains the Same”

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Two years later: Shua Finkelstein Z”L

Shua Finkelstein
On this date two years ago, a young man named Shua Finkelstein, 20, from Lakewood, NJ  was found dead from an overdose of pain killers. Shua and I went to the same yeshiva in Israel in 2007. Although I’d spent the previous year there, I returned for six weeks and it was during that time I met Shua, who was in the middle of his year at the yeshiva.


Although I barely knew him and didn’t really get a chance to get to know him, when the news came to me that he had died, I felt like I had lost a member of the family.

And while I’m honestly ignorant in regards to what troubled Shua in life, I would like to share something he wrote shortly before he died. He wanted it to be shared with the public, and so I hope I can honour his memory by fulfilling this wish. Continue reading “Two years later: Shua Finkelstein Z”L”

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10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering

When I look back on 2010, dear G-d I hope I can find some kind of solace and strength from a year I honestly want to forget and move on from… But if I can’t, I can always look back on some of these ditties that came about via this blog. Here are some of my top/favourite posts from this past calendar year: Continue reading “10 Posts From 2010 Worth Remembering”

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Loser List #16: Frummies sue for damaged wig on The People’s Court

It pains me to post this, because I’m torn between whether or not I should laugh at this or shake my head in utter disappointment at the ridiculousness of this absurdity. I’ll choose both:  Oy veh…

In a nutshell, it’s all a big understanding really – a result of two people from different ethnicities playing a crazy game of broken telephone. But I gotta to criticize both sides here. Continue reading “Loser List #16: Frummies sue for damaged wig on The People’s Court”

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Loser List #10- Matthew Veersasammy

Here is an example of entering a lion’s den with a gazelle’s carcass. Or parachuting into an Islamic ruled country (or York University) with an Israeli flag draped around your body.

This case however, happens to take place not too far from your local kosher Sobeys…

Matthew Veersasammy won’t be trying to do anything stupid for the next six months because he’ll be in jail.

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Throw it on the Ground!

Inspired by Andy Samberg’s SNL Digital Short (and in a personal moment of ranting at things that find a way to suck), here’s a few things I think should be thrown on the ground: (because the moral of the story is: “YOU CAN’T TRUST THE SYSTEM!!!”)

H1N1 Virus – It’s not SARS people, so freaking out and becoming crazy germaphobic is creating borderline paranoia. It’s okay to be germaphobic, but don’t shove it in my face (I’m talking to you CP 24… And you too 680 News).[leafs.jpg]

Toronto Maple Leafs – Or should I say the Maple Laughs. I’m not surprised anymore when they’re getting whupped. Vesa Toskala – Ground! Jason Blake – Ground!  Ron Wilson – Ground! Penalty Killing (or lack thereof) – Ground!!

https://i0.wp.com/www.pcstats.com/articleimages/200409/BSOD_2.gifBlue Screen of Death – Quite possibly the most heinous sight a PC user can see on their computer. If the screen itself doesn’t lead to the slow and pain death of one’s PC  (RIP Tevy’s First PC; 2001-2007), than the throwing of it (or of things at it – like fists or drop kicks) at the sight of BSODs would be the final blows.

USB Keys – No matter how bloody organized I try to make myself, I always manage to lose them. A little over three weeks ago,  I LOST TWO IN ONE WEEK!!


All that was pretty much on those devices were all of last year’s important and vital work worth carrying around with me, which then enable me to show them or bring em up whenever I desire… a time which happens to be now since I have to make a portfolio of previous works. Now I have to get them from home or @ school (G-d help me if the BSOD takes away my home copies of all that hard work).

It also sucks that I can’t even safe my work @ school since idiotic Centennial College doesn’t allow you to safe your work on their servers, which happen to be weirdly cleaned up and deleted at the end of everyday. What an example of stealing one’s work, time, convenience and money – since people now have to spend it on unreliable USB keys, all because the university is too lazy to allow students to back their files at school (like other normal schools like  U of T allow you to do so.)

Nuff’ said.

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The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve really gotten into posting and commenting YouTube videos as blog posts. They’re quick, easy and they get the message out.
So far at least half a dozen links were posted on my Facebook Homepage, as well as being posted on fellow blogs such as Proud Zionist.
Here’s a video that my friend Shoshana was just raving about as found me doing reception duty at the office we work at. It includes footage from the Michael Coren Show, a popular Canadian radio show. Here we see Coren flat-out grilling Krisna Saravanamuttu, president of York Federation of Students.

My favourite lines include when Coren says YFS was voted in by people wasting their time rather than studying, and when Krisna says we don’t talk about Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist, rather as a Christian fundamentalist (likening him to an Islamic fundamentalist), and Coren exposes the ignorance. Continue reading “The Hottest Video on YouTube (via Facebook friend links)”

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Life and What Life Should Be: 17th of Tammuz & The Three Weeks (What’s wrong with my life)

Today is the 17th of Tammuz in the Jewish calendar. The day marks the anniversary for a number of terrible events in Jewish history. Five great catastrophes occurred in Jewish history on the 17th of Tammuz.

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