Frum From Bathurst

Note: This page is now a link to my other webite: Frum From Bathurst. Below is an explanation of how came to be.

Originally this page was called “Dark Side of The Mechitza”, (which a friend of mine told me the name sounded like a frum porn), and it was supposed to be my own special page of commentary that focused purely on Judaism. However, things changed and I started a new website dedicated to that purpose. And it’s called Frum From Bathurst. Not only will you get the sort of thoughts and opinions seen on TevyTown, but you’ll also get the input from other contributing authors (yes… I have writers working with me … I’ve moved up… sort to speak).

You’ll still see material being published from TevyTown, but now you’ll get a whole other dosage of well-fashioned banter and sometimes intelligent input (not everything written from my writers will be gold, unlike yours truly). So please check it out and enjoy.

And below you’ll find the original logo intended for Dark Side. It’s now a collectors item… which means it’s old… and really good.  


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