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Frum Satire inspires me

So I usually don’t toot the horn of any one particular site or cause (partially because I dislike advertising in general), but when something hits me, no… when it dropkicks me and gives me a jackknife power-bomb and still shakes my hand after the fight, I take notice… and thus feel compelled to talk about it/publicize it here.

One of my favourite blogs – Frum Satire was absolutely on fire this past week, dishing out quality posts one after the other like the cholent pot had caught fire! (the blogger- Heshy Fried, actually works as a chef… so maybe there’s a greater connection between the kitchen and the computer screen then we even know…)

Generally speaking, the blog is a Jewish comedy blog, with a uniquely religious spin. Unlike your classic sources of Jewish-based comedy, Heshy brings to light the absurdity that makes up the orthodox Jewish lifestyle, which before his website, were never really discussed or thought about on a more wide-scale basis beyond perhaps the conversation between one Jew and another.

If you don’t know what I mean or want to get a better idea of what I’m talking about, I greatly recommend you check any one of these posts below… all of which were posted in the past week:

20 ways you know you’re in a frummy house

Top 10 reasons why cholent is like sex

The most annoying frum Jews

Frum Acronyms you should know

Insiders guide to shidduch dating lingo

The last post was written by a guest poster, who writes  a similar blog called Leftover Cholent, which is another blog I really enjoy reading. You should check that one too.

So although I’ve been reading Frum Satire for about three years now, I’ve only decided to post something about it now because I’ve been thinking about starting a similar blog for a while now, and while I probably won’t do that, I’ve got a little something up my sleeve… I don’t know as of yet what will become of that TevyTown category but thanks to Frum Satire’s best week ever, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing something not so different sooner rather than later (with a Tevytown twist, obviously…)

But before I do anything on my own, I just want to say thank you Heshy, for all your inspiration. Keep up the fantastic work.


2 thoughts on “Frum Satire inspires me”

  1. The beauty about focusing on Jewish humor is that you don’t have to limit yourself exclusively to the Orthodox community. That is certainly a goldmine for material to be sure. However, to really appreciate life’s Jewish absurdities, all you have to do is expand your perspective and look at Judaism at large – the total spectrum. It is both beautiful and hysterically funny!

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