Famous people who’ve died in 2009 (this year)- Part 1

Left: When he was cool, Right: When he was crazy.

At first I thought this was a passing trend during the early months of the year, especially in June, but with the recent deaths of Patrick Swayze, DJ AM and Sen. Ted Kennedy, it’s been very evident this year that many  important and famous people have been dropping dead. If there’s anything that ties together all these particular deaths, than someone let me know. I just find very weird how it just seems that I hear in the news everyday nowadays of someone famous is dieing. Like I said it may have been a little more apparent back in June (See Jackson, Michael et al.) and to be honest I thought the unfortunate trend had come to an end, but as I’ve already mentioned – we may just be going through another stream of deaths.

One thing I’ve also noticed lately has been the death of many sports team owners or executives…

I’m no conspiracy theorist, believe me… But you gotta admit hearing this kind of news more often…

I don’t like only putting well known people (aka actors, singes, sports stars etc.) and like to mix it up with the random dude who did something important, but to be honest, even I couldn’t find many names, especially near the start of the year, that made a great impact (and worth knowing about, or just storing as info/facts in your head) who died this year. So if you’re disappointed, go look up people yourself or just pin it on laziness or dwindling disinterest after constant research…

So to bring up dead news (no joke or pun intended – if you could even count that as a pun), here’s a list of those people who’ve died since 2009 came around. The list will go from most recent to earliest, including age who/what they were known for, and cause of death and maybe a word about them.


Patrick Swayze

16 – Myles Brand, 67, NCAA President, pancreatic cancer

Mary Travers, 72, Peter, Paul and Mary singer, leukemia

Mel Simon, 82, Indiana Pacers co-owner, pancreatic cancer

14 – Patrick Swayze, 57, Actor (Dirty Dancing), cancer

11 – William Beck, 49, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, plane crash

4 – Skip Miller, 62, president of Motown Records, heart attack


28 – Adam Goldstein (DJ AM), 36, American disc jockey, suspected drug overdose

25 – Ted Kennedy, 77, American politician, Senator, brain cancer

19 – Don Hewitt, 86, creator of 60 Minutes, pancreatic cancer

13 – Les Paul, 94, American guitarist and inventor, complications from pneumonia

11 – Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 88,  founder of the Special Olympics, sister of John F. and Ted(above) Kennedy, natural causes

6 – John Hughes, 59, American film director, screenwriter, and producer (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club), heart attack.

2Shafiq al-Hout, 77, Palestinian politician, co-founder of the Palestine Liberation Organization, cancer. ** I did not know about this one, but good riddance, I guess.

Arturo Gatti


Walter Cronkite

17– Walter Cronkite, 92, Most recognized broadcast journalist of all time, cerebral vascular disease

19 – Frank McCourt, 78, Author (Angela’s Ashes), cancer

Gidget, the Taco Bell Dog

21– Gidget, 15, the Taco Bell Dog, stroke

11– Arturo Gatti, 37, Canadian boxer, murder or suicide… still investigating

6– Robert McNamara, 93, US Secretary of Defence (’61-’68), natural causes.

Martin Streek, 45, Well-known Toronto radio DJ (102.1 The Edge), suicide. ** He took his own life not long after he was let go by the Edge after working there for 20 years.

Steve McNair

4– Steve McNair, NFL Quarterback (Most notably for the Tennessee Titans, where he was league MVP in 2003), murder.



28– Billy Mays, 50, super awesome TV pitchman for infomercial products like OxiClean.

25 – Michael Jackson, 50, do I really need to say who he was?

Farrah Fawcett, 62, Actress (one of Charlie’s Angels)

good times.. if ya know what I mean
Probably the most famous photo of the 70's

24– Romeo Leblanc, 81, Governor General of Canada (’95-’99)

Ed McMahon, 86, Johnny Carson’s sidekick. HIYO!!

3– David Carradine, 72, Actor, suicide


9 – Chuck Daly, 78, American basketball coach (USA 1992 Olympic Dream Team), cancer

4 – Dom DeLuise, 75, American actor and comedian, kidney failure

2 – Jack Kemp, 73, American politician and football player, cancer


25- Bea Arthur, 86, Actress (Golden Girls), cancer


18 – Natasha Richardson, 45, English actress, skiing accident

This is about the point where well known famous people began dieing (or the point where I lost interest). So if anyone wants to find conspiracy theories, they look around mid-March to see what could have triggered this beginning over weekly obits plastered in every news outlet possible.

Here’ s Part 2. Nuff’ said.

Yes sir! You are the king, sir!

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