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The US Airways flight tephillin scare – why it’s a really great story

This has to be one of the most interesting stories I’ve seen in a while. And while at first I was dumbfounded by the events that made national headlines out of a 17 year-old Jewish boy’s decision to pray on an airplane. But after doing some more research more news stories about the case, there’s a lot more we can learn and smile about in the aftermath of this “misunderstanding.”

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A Front Page Story (Success!!)

Tevy's front page story copyAfter eleven weeks, a story of mine has finally made the front page!

The story is about the hiring and subsequent firing of an alleged terrorist at the university of Carleton. Continue reading “A Front Page Story (Success!!)”

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Newer Tribune Stories

July 9 Page 3
July 9 Page 3

A few stories have my byline, while some don’t… Why you ask? One of the stories is about me. And that wouldn’t look too nice if I wrote I story about myself would it? Click on the link to view just the stories or click the coinciding thumbnail, to see the story just like it would appear in the newspaper.

July 9, 2009:

Uptown Chabad honours terror victims + CAF executive member unrepentant for anti-Canadian statements (unattributed but written by me):

July 23, 2009:

‘I have tremendous sympathy for families impacted by this terrible event,’ Harper says in message

July 23, Page 6
July 23, Page 6

July 30, 2009:

Interns get a lot out of their summer jobs with B’nai Brith

July 30, Page 7
July 30, Page 7
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Latest Tribune stories

Normally I’ll just post the link and text from the Tribune website, but for some reason, the articles weren’t posted (our editor, who usually takes care of the web posting is on vacation.) So I posted it the hard and annoying way, bu as usual I felt it necessary to post it the way I did, because of how one of my stories turned out in the paper (see below). Just click on the stories once or twice and they should pop up).

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Things I’ve been working on

I haven’t posted for a while and with good reason – having a real journalism job is time consuming!

I’ve decided to post some of my older work that I’ve done with the East Toronto Observer and the Jewish Tribune and anywhere else that my work has gone. To be honest, it’s just to keep the blog circulating with consistency but at least readers will know know I haven’t delved into seclusion (though contrary to popular belief).

Don’t know how the  work will translate through number of posts but it’ll still look nice.

Look out for my work in the Tribune… I’ve got a relatively big story or two lined up  in addition to the regular stuff I’m already working on covering.

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Justification for my CUPE article and response to criticism

Last week’s edition of the Jewish Tribune featured a story of mine entitled: “Anti-Israel rhetoric flies at CUPE meeting, but no time left for voting.” A day after the paper’s distribution, I was forwarded emails from Hasbara members, who were upset about the content of the story.

This post will explain why I wrote what I did. Actually it’s more like explaining why I included this piece of information in the story. Continue reading “Justification for my CUPE article and response to criticism”

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It’s official: I work for a newspaper! (a Jewish one too!)

tribune-paperSo I’ve been holding back this announcement for a little it of time because it wasn’t entirely official and by the time I got the position, I was up to my shoulders in work (!).

But, yes, I am the newest employee of the Jewish Tribune, Canada’s largest weekly Jewish newspaper. Continue reading “It’s official: I work for a newspaper! (a Jewish one too!)”