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The Definition of Awesome: Ricky Williams considers converting to Judaism

You can now add NFL running back Ricky Williams to growing list of high-profile, African-American public figures who have recently embraced Judaism.

Here’s the transcripts of a recent article which discusses Williams’ newfound appreciation for the Jewish faith:

According to an interview conducted by South Florida radio station, WQAM-560, the 33-year-old running back has recently been learning about the Jewish faith.

Williams began by studying the Jewish alphabet, and is currently interested in the Jewish Shabbat, Judaism’s weekly holy day. Continue reading “The Definition of Awesome: Ricky Williams considers converting to Judaism”

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Thoughts on The Shabbos Inspire Experience Toronto & Thornhill

While sitting at the dinner table this past Monday night, my parents told me they were trying to invite some of our next door neighbours for this friday night shabbos meal. This gesture struck me as very surprising, since not only do we not talk to some of our neighbours that often, but most of them were also pretty far from being considered observant Jews.

Upon asking why we were doing this, I was presented with a pamphlet advertising a very intriguing initiative geared towards the observant Jewish community in Toronto.

“The Shabbos Inspire Experience Toronto & Thornhill” is the name of a dynamic one-time (or should I say “one-shabbos”) only initiative with the purpose of bringing observant and non-observant Jews of Toronto together in a  shabbos atmosphere. Simply put, it’s a massive city-wide kiruv initiative to reach out to less affiliated Jews in Toronto and invite them for a shabbos meal in the homes of observant Jews.

Several  shuls, synagogues, community groups and other organizations have already signed up to take part in this unprecedented (or I can’t remember the last time this was tried, if it was tried) initiative set for the shabbos of Friday April 30-May 1st (Parshas Emor). Continue reading “Thoughts on The Shabbos Inspire Experience Toronto & Thornhill”

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The Definition of Awesome: Shimon Peres says Jews should keep Shabbat

Yes you read that post title correctly. President Shimon Peres of Israel believes Jews should keep Shabbat.

That’s bold words coming from one of the oldest and seasoned veterans of Israeli politics (At 86, he’s been a Knesset member since 1959, until 2007 when he became president).

As much as I’d like to dig into this one – particularly on Peres’ past history on religious items and issues – I’m gonna take a pass on this one and just be happy one of the most powerful people in Israel just outwardly advocated for keeping of the fourth commandment.

(And because I’m a little overwhelmed with work + tired + not in best of moods to write because of something that’s going to happen today…. which I’ll be writing about before the end of  the week).

For more on the above story, check out Arutz Sheva’s coverage of it here.

Nuff’ said!

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Purim: A break from depression

Tomorrow begins the holiday of Purim, and on the occasion of this wonderful holiday, I’ve decided to break the indefinite blogging hiatus in honour of the special holiday.

Even though this is my first post since my hiatus message, I am still dealing with a number of issues of which I am not ready to disclose through the blog or by any other means of social networking. I appreciate those who have offered their assistance and I am grateful for  those who haven’t given up hope on me. It’s been an up and down roller-coaster ride, with seemingly good moments but mostly overshadowed by ugly ones and those who have been there for me have helped make those good moments shine brightly and create optimism for the future.

I won’t make this long because I know people are getting ready for Purim/Shabbat, and I don’t want to take anyone away from pressing needs…

Purim is a happy time of the year and no matter what ugliness is going on, there’s always that assurance that things will work out as long as you keep trying and keep the faith. Even though at this precise moment I feel completely disgusted with how I have handed myself this past week in preparing for the holiday, most evidently at the current time as I sit here having not eaten all day, on little sleep, and having spent all day making a costume that I don’t even know if anyone will see it… I’m not even close to being ready for shabbos and I don’t know if I even want to be ready… I still feel very alienated by the people closest to me in my life, but deep down I know that I am the one responsible for that, and I must suffer the consequences of my bad decisions.

Nonetheless, Purim will help ease the pain. Temporary it may seem – that pleasure, but most definitely worth it.

Rabbi Dessler teaches in his book entitled Michtav Eliyahu, that Purim is a time that we can reach very high levels of spirituality by means of physical indulgence. The direction of that indulgence is the key.

So for this Purim, I leave the message of doing what we can to utilize all our strengths, skills, and whatever traits we possess towards a proper and meaningful direction. I pray, with G-d’s help that this will not only come about on Purim, but also for the rest of existence.

Have a great shabbos and chag sameach to all.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN Speech Full Text Transcript, Sep 24, 2009 promised, here is the full transcript of Netanyahu’s UN Speech. People are calling it Churchillian, likening it to other famous Middle East speeches and moments such as the various handshakes, or soldiers at the Kotel after the Six Day War or Ben Gurion declaring the existence of the State of Israel in Independence Hall in 1948.

Sure it’s all that and then some. But for me… Awesome will do just fine.

I wonder if Livni would’ve done the same thing…

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen…

Nearly 62 years ago, the United Nations recognized the right of the Jews, an ancient people 3,500 years-old, to a state of their own in their ancestral homeland. I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people.
Continue reading “Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN Speech Full Text Transcript, Sep 24, 2009”

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN Speech Video, Sep 24, 2009

I’m posting video of the entire speech.
Why? No reason really…
It just happens to be the definition of awesome.
Nuff’ said.

The remaining parts can be found in the rest of the post.

The transcripts will be set up on another post.

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Happy 5770!!’d like to wish my fellow Jewish brethren a Shana Tova; a very sweet and happy new year. G-d willing the upcoming year should be filled with only success and maximized opportunities – aka time well spent.
It’s important to realize that as much we want to do a million things in life, we should take the time and effort to arrange and prioritize the important things in life and assign the proportionate time and energy necessary towards it.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be ambitious but remain realistic of your abilities and those factors affecting your life.

Here’s to a better than fantastic 5770!