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The White Stripes breakup and popular music discovers it has cancer

The White StripesHearing the news that one of your favourite sources of artistic and cultural entertainment will cease to exist is a tough pill to swallow, regardless of how much time and effort you put into appreciating the product being put out there. Though nothing compares to the death of an actual person, the death of an artistic & cultural entity can have a great impact one’s life – particularly in the way that one spends their time & money.

But for me personally, of all the arts  and culture that can come and go, nothing seems to inspire the types of emotions like the way a musical group or band does.  And while the finale of a certain television show, a movie series, the end of a series of novels, or even the destruction of famous landmark can bring out a plethora of emotions within a person – it’s music that does it for me, above all others.

So when I found out that The White Stripes were breaking up (as was announced on their website on February 2, 2010), needless to say I was crushed. Continue reading “The White Stripes breakup and popular music discovers it has cancer”