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The Definition of Awesome: Gold medal game delays flight

It’s a short article and that’s because the point is made quite quickly. And in the words of my cousin, who works for Fox News in Washington D.C., can you blame them?

Here’s the story from the Ottawa Citizen:

Flying fans refuse to walk out on game

Air Canada was forced to delay a flight from Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics because passengers watching the end of men’s hockey final on airport televisions ignored repeated calls to board. “We incurred a flight delay for a reason Air Canada had not yet encountered in over 72 years of existence,” Air Canada chief executive Calin Rovinescu said.

If I were on that flight, I’d be right beside those passengers glued to the TV screen, hanging on every moment of the gold medal in the waiting!

Props to Cara Schayer for the post on Facebook!

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The Definition of Awesome: Shimon Peres says Jews should keep Shabbat

Yes you read that post title correctly. President Shimon Peres of Israel believes Jews should keep Shabbat.

That’s bold words coming from one of the oldest and seasoned veterans of Israeli politics (At 86, he’s been a Knesset member since 1959, until 2007 when he became president).

As much as I’d like to dig into this one – particularly on Peres’ past history on religious items and issues – I’m gonna take a pass on this one and just be happy one of the most powerful people in Israel just outwardly advocated for keeping of the fourth commandment.

(And because I’m a little overwhelmed with work + tired + not in best of moods to write because of something that’s going to happen today…. which I’ll be writing about before the end of  the week).

For more on the above story, check out Arutz Sheva’s coverage of it here.

Nuff’ said!

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10,000 Hits (and I didn’t do anything special to get them!?)

I’m actually really shocked. I guess people actually read my blog.

Even after an explicit month-long hiatus, my blog manages to skyrocket in hits. And I can’t really explain it.

Well maybe I can, but not to a great degree…

While I know people read the posts I link on Facebook, it’s the search engine results that are helping me out. Specifically my year in review posts are the one garnering the most attention. On February 10, 2010,  I received 614 posts and 511 on the following day. Both those days were during my hiatus. I looked up to see where the views came from but I can’t explain it…

Oh well… there’s no need to explain or figure a good thing that kind of just happened… It does make me want to write archived year in review posts so to pile up the random views that come in everyday. According to my blog stats, I get about 50-70 hits a day and over 100 hits when I actually post that day.

I don’t know what the theory to success is, so I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing since people are visiting (and not complaining!)

Thanks for all your views everyone! And don’t hesitate to give me feedback via comments!

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Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Thoughts on the games before they become irrelevant seems only fitting that I miss the most important hockey game likely to be played in my lifetime.
Why? Because I don’t want to be an addicted sports junkie anymore.

Yeah that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’ll more on that in another post coming soon. But as a short preview, let’s say I’d like to calm the Vancouver 2010 Olympics my “bittersweet swan song” and my “farewell to being a sports addict”.

But this post is about the Olympics.

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