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The Definition of Awesome: Wedding Proposal

I just had to post this. This is a video of a friend of mine proposing to his now fiancée.

The setup and delivery is just awesome. As an appreciator of enticing great reactions out of people, I’m very impressed (and happy of course!)
Makes me think of what to do when I get to pop the question…

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Engagement fever: It’s more contagious than H1N1

Let’s see here… in about the last 12 hours, I’ve found out that seven friends/acquaintances just got engaged. That’s seven friends, 4 engagements.

Sorry, check that… Make it eight people… just found out about another…

Actually make it 9 (I’m dead serious!, well even though that last one happened a little over a month ago, I only found out about it now…) So now it’s 9 friends, 6 engagements…

All this makes me wonder about the nature of announcing engagements in the Jewish world and with keeping up with them, especially with the medium of the internet making it so much easier to spread the word. And with that, here are a few observations I’ve compiled about the whole shtick: Continue reading “Engagement fever: It’s more contagious than H1N1”

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A reason why there are so many November birthdays

Here’s something that seems pretty obvious but haven’t really thought about it.

I’m checking my Facebook account and I’ve noticed that many people have their birthdays around this time of year. And I always wondered how that came to be?

Then I realized something very obvious. And even though I needed a friend to figure this out, who in fact just celebrated his birthday on November 14, a day after my dad had his, it all made sense to me.

If you either on November 14 or a little bit after, chances are you were conceived around on Valentine’s Day.

It’s logical really – exactly nine months after is November 14. That doesn’t necessarily mean you were conceived on Valentine’s Day. Pregnancy normally about 38 weeks after conception while The World Health Organization defines normal term for delivery as between 37 weeks and 42 weeks. The calculation of this date involves the assumption of a regular 28-day menstrual cycle.

This pretty much means that if you were conceived on Valentine’s Day and all goes to plan, your birthday should be between November 14-31.

I also read somewhere that the most common birthday in the USA is October 5, whereas the least common in the USA is May 22. The first fact translates into a New Year’s Day conception while the second one gives up a mid-August conception.

Nuff’ said.

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My mom is partially responsible for this video winding up online (Over 1 Million views!)

The video is infamously known as “BMW parking failure” or “Worst Driving Ever…”No my mother isn’t responsible for the failed parking; rather she happened to be in the right at that time to see firsthand the damage done. In fact, the greenish/grey car directly besides the parking BMW (behind it in the background) – is actually my mom’s car!!
Continue reading “My mom is partially responsible for this video winding up online (Over 1 Million views!)”