Do we share the same feelings?

I’d like to try something. I’m curious. As humans, we share emotions, feelings and thoughts about life. Whether they be things about ourselves, others or various things.

I’d like to put out there some feelings and see if you share them as well. It’s the concept of students in a classroom all having the same question, but no one has the guts to ask it. But when someone finally asks, the class is happy someone stood up. And perhaps those collective insecurities can come together and the individual can realize they aren’t alone in how they feel.

You aren’t required to literally respond. But my hope is that you can relate.

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Contrary to what I overheard someone say yesterday, mental health awareness initiatives are not “stupid”

Yesterday I overheard someone saying how they think Bell’s “Let’s Talk” initiative to spread mental heath awareness is stupid.

I was watching and listening and they didn’t see or hear me.

I really wanted to lash out at this person. How insensitive could they be?

But I didn’t. I held back. Why? I don’t know…
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One year anniversary at Sun News Network

I usually don’t talk about work online but I just wanted to put a little something out there. On this day one year ago (January 3, 2012), I began my time working at Sun News Network here in Toronto. And what can I say… It’s been nothing but a wonderful experience.

It’s been a fantastic year of many firsts and several opportunities. The experience without question, has been better than I expected.

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Common sense things you should know about the Israel-Gaza conflict

Chances are if you’re reading this, you got here from Facebook or by subscribing to the site. And therefore what I’m about to share is probably common knowledge to you. My goal is to put them out there in a simple to read/understand manner.

And if you got here by some other way, well then it’s time to learn.

Call all this a disclaimer, if you want.

Nonetheless, here are some common sense (and basic logic) things you should know about the current Israel/Gaza conflict.

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Famous people who died in 2011

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An annual TevyTown tradition (mostly because these posts bring me the most hits), we now bring to you a list of famous people who died in 2011. There were an insane amount of people who left us this year, and who knows – I may even have to update this list once more before the year ends (thanks Kim Jong-Il).

Nevertheless, here’s the list – which includes the name, age of death and a little ditty about who they were/what they’re most known for. The list begins with with the most recent passings:
When you see this * it means I put in my own little commentary.

And of course ‘famous’ is a subjective term. There are many well-known people who left us this year, and this list is my own subjective opinion who I wanted to include on this post. The ones left out are neither greater, nor lesser than those I’ve decided to include on this list.

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Thoughts about Life

Thoughts on turning 24

When the clock struck midnight last night, the age twenty three I was no longer,  thus bringing forth the arrival of the Great Two-Four (as we like to call it north of border). And while my joy for the realization of that number is great, it doesn’t even come close to how happy I am to NOT be twenty three any more.

23 is now the past… And 24 is the future. (And I am Jack Bauer… racing against the clock, doing my very best to thwart the terrorists threatening to trample the town that is Tevy…)

(And yes… I just used ten straight words starting with ‘T’, and eleven out of twelve when including Tevy.)

And though finding it very hard to believe (being 24), I am nonetheless happy and very much looking forward to what next year has to offer.

And I wouldn’t be anywhere without the grace of G-d and the copious amount of support from all the people who care about me. I am beyond appreciative.

And since it is December 16 (and I of course want more hits), feel free to check out a previous post I wrote about said date. That being said, I’d like to wish all the people of Kazakhstan a very happy Independence Day…. It’s nice!!

Much thanks once again.

You’re older today. And that’s a good thing.H to the B, young fella.

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My cameo on “Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will”

Check out the footage at 7:34 and you’ll see my shining moment.

Yeah, that’s right… I hugged a Muslim. And it was fun.

I was getting off the subway at Bloor Station on my way to an appointment when I noticed the filming. When I came back to the station after the appointment, they were still there filming. Me being the curious media dude, I asked the producer what they were filming and he immediately asked if I wanted to be interviewed. I had nothing to lose and said yes. “Kenny” (in disguise) began asking me questions regarding if it was alright if there should be a mosque built by Jews in the city. I honestly told him I had no problem with it and it would probably be a great sign of respect for two faiths to be peacefully be working towards something beneficial such as giving a group of people a place to pray; it would perhaps put Jews in a better light in the eyes of some Muslims. Kenny then spoke some Hebrew with me and that was it…. until the Muslim showed up. I stuck around to chat with the producer and all of a sudden Kenny motioned to me to come back for more. Next thing I know, Kenny is interviewing the Muslim and I simultaneously. Eventually the questions led to whether peace was possible between us, and then we hugged it out.

It wasn’t until after while signing the release did I realize that it was Kenny behind the whole thing. I went up to him in between shots and told him I had no idea it was him and that he was doing a great job. He smiled and said thanks to me and then muttered to himself, “that’s what I’m talking about,” with a big smile on his face.

The footage was shot around winter time last year (late 2010-early 2011) and wasn’t aired until July 29, 2011. The only reason I’m bringing this up now is because I never saw the footage until today, when a friend sent me the link on Facebook. Much thanks for find, bro 🙂

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Classic Dalton McGuinty Fail: Telling a terminally ill cancer patient, “That’s Not True…”

Amidst the non-stop advertizing in lieu of this Thursday’s Ontario Provincial election, I was reminded of this classic Dalton McGuinty video of him giving the cold shoulder to a man telling him that he’s dying of cancer and that McGuinty isn’t doing anything to help. Continue reading “Classic Dalton McGuinty Fail: Telling a terminally ill cancer patient, “That’s Not True…””

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Imagine if smart phones, Twitter & Facebook were around when 9/11 happened…

So I was listening to the radio this morning and like everyone else, the DJ’s were talking about the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11. Not that talking about 9/11 is nothing special to talk about (that would just be insensitive), but it’s pretty much the hot topic in the news right now. And that obviously means that every question, sound bite and memory gets regurgitated and repeated to the enth degree and just becomes boring. It’s pretty much things any media-based dude can just skim over and look or wait for the goods that make a piece unique.

That unique piece was heard this morning when one of the DJ’s randomly threw out the question of what would’ve it been like had the technologies and innovations of smart phones, Twitter and Facebook were around when 9/11 was going on? Continue reading “Imagine if smart phones, Twitter & Facebook were around when 9/11 happened…”