Thoughts about Life

Missing the boat

One of my favourite songs is called “Your Time is Gonna Time” by Led Zeppelin. It’s a song about how justice will finally come to those who deserve it.

Now in the song this person has not meant well and their actions will eventually pave the way to their downfall. But in this post, I’d like to apply this concept to someone who has meant well. I speak of a person who has wanted so bad to do good and find success that others have found.

But that time hasn’t come yet. And in the meantime, it seems like the ship has sailed.

You’ve missed the boat.

It goes like this: You have a group of friends you’ve grown up with. They’re your contemporaries, people you can easily relate to and feel you’re on the same path as them. You’ve gone to school together, attended the same social gatherings, met the same people etc. The ideal word to describe your relationship is ‘together’.

But then something happens. These people begin moving on and up.

Engagements, marriages, kids… Or moving out or away from your hometown, buying an apartment or a house. Getting a great paying job or a promotion. Vacation locales beyond your wildest imaginations. A new car…

And where are you? You’re where you’ve always been. A step or two behind. Or so it seems…

Or perhaps you’ve made a new group of friends, moved to a community, got a new job. You’ve been gracefully accepted into the new surroundings. But you’re behind. They’re all established and you’re at the bottom of the ladder.

Or so it seems…

And that’s where you realize it: you’ve missed the boat.

And you begin to ask yourself questions:

• What happened? Did I miss something?
• Where has my focus been all this time?
• How or why am I so slow?
• Am I not as close to these people as I thought I was?
• I honestly thought I was successful, but am I really?
• I tried so hard and look where it’s got me?
• What can I do to catch up?

You never want to open Facebook anymore cause you’re sick of seeing everyone posting about their successes. You’re happy for everyone, but deep down you’re pissed off because that’s not you.

And the most depressing part of it all is that you feel like a failure…You want to shut your eyes and enter a dream world where you’re as successful as you wish to be.

Of course we’re taught not to measure our successes against those of others (at least Judaism has taught me that). But it’s so hard.

So what’s the lesson? How can we remove ourselves from this dread?

Your time is gonna come.


Everyone has missed the boat in their own way or another. That’s a boat no one on earth has missed. Take solace in that. Talk to those who you think you missed their boat. It might help.

Now insert your favourite motivational with quote here. And don’t stop working hard.


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