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Saying “I don’t care”

“I don’t care.”

It’s probably the most impolite thing a person can say.

Most of time you hear it without malice or true intent. It’s more of a “I’m tired and want to go to sleep” like expression. It’s a quick and flippant response to something that’s unimportant at the current time. Or maybe it’s a response to something doesn’t that doesn’t garner your attention.

But when you actually mean it, it’s flat out… well… mean.

And sometimes, to get your message across – you have to get mean.

I’m not talking about the casual “I don’t care,” but rather a serious “get off my back” version. I’m talking about the one where someone keeps incessantly pressuring you to do or try something, to attend a place or a class, while pouring on the guilt, the hawking, and the shameless PR. Oh the shameless PR…

You’ve been polite over and over again, and perhaps deep down you actually want to care and not completely push that person away. And perhaps they genuinely believe that what they’re selling is truly good for you. But there comes a point where you’ve just had enough.

“I need you to please listen carefully…”I’m sorry (so and so), but I honestly don’t care. I know you mean well but I’m seriously not interested. Please go away and don’t bother me anymore.”

Have you ever had to do this? Is it being gutsy and truthful? Or is it just being classless? Is there a right way to do it or is it not right at all?


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