mental heath

Contrary to what I overheard someone say yesterday, mental health awareness initiatives are not “stupid”

Yesterday I overheard someone saying how they think Bell’s “Let’s Talk” initiative to spread mental heath awareness is stupid.

I was watching and listening and they didn’t see or hear me.

I really wanted to lash out at this person. How insensitive could they be?

But I didn’t. I held back. Why? I don’t know…

Perhaps I didn’t want to bring attention to myself. Or despite my own experiences, I didn’t feel I’d handle myself with composure when confronting this person. Perhaps I risked overreacting or mishearing something (although I was pretty sure I knew what I heard).

It shouldn’t have bothered me for such a long time now… But it has.

If only this person could know firsthand how debilitating mental health can be…

I take that back… It’s not right to wish pain upon another human.

Regardless of what you think about the initiative, it’s just not right degrading something that’s such a degrading thing. In this day of age where you don’t use the “f word” when referring or making fun of their sexual reference, you can’t establish a double standard like that.

I hope that if I ever have to again, I can confront them in person rather than write another post.


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