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One year anniversary at Sun News Network

I usually don’t talk about work online but I just wanted to put a little something out there. On this day one year ago (January 3, 2012), I began my time working at Sun News Network here in Toronto. And what can I say… It’s been nothing but a wonderful experience.

It’s been a fantastic year of many firsts and several opportunities. The experience without question, has been better than I expected.

It began as an internship for my college program. In order to graduate, I had to spend 12 weeks interning at a media outlet. I chose Sun for a few reasons. While in school we’d toured the place (while it was still Sun TV) and I really liked it there. A big appeal to me was how small it was. Small to me meant a tight-knit group and most likely a greater need to do more things because of that small staff size. This was exactly the case after joining them. Another reasons was because it seemed different than other places (not that I’d experienced other places in broadcast, but rather I just had that feeling).

And after the internship, I stayed on as a freelancer. I never actually saw myself doing broadcast work, regardless of how good my broadcast prof thought I was. Print was always my first. But broadcast has been very good to me. It’s opened up a whole new window of journalism I’d never really been exposed to, nor had I realized just how much goes into it.

I don’t mean this as an exaggeration nor as kissing up to anyone, but I have nothing but nice things to say about Sun and my coworkers. I am blessed to be where I am and with whom I work. I’ve never been shy to ask for help or inquire for some advice and ways to learn how to get better at what I do.

And even more so to those who’ve busted my ass, I appreciate it – whatever it takes to get the best out of me, I’m more than willing to receive.

I truly believe that being at Sun has made me a better person.

2012 was a really good year for me. And G-d willing, 2013 at Sun News should be even better.


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