Common sense things you should know about the Israel-Gaza conflict

Chances are if you’re reading this, you got here from Facebook or by subscribing to the site. And therefore what I’m about to share is probably common knowledge to you. My goal is to put them out there in a simple to read/understand manner.

And if you got here by some other way, well then it’s time to learn.

Call all this a disclaimer, if you want.

Nonetheless, here are some common sense (and basic logic) things you should know about the current Israel/Gaza conflict.

Who started it

Ever since Israel gave the Palestinians unilateral control of the Gaza Strip, there have been rockets fired into Israel. Unlike any other country in the world, Israel has tolerated this for a number of years. And as we saw back in 2007, Israel finally had enough. And guess what? Five years later, those attacks are still happening. And once more, Israel has said enough is enough.

If you want to go the way of saying that the trigger was the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, well guess what… it’s not like Israel hasn’t been tracking him down for years. I mean seriously: the man was behind a number of terror attacks in Israel, including the capture of Gilad Shalit. So let’s see: a country hunting down a terrorist and after many years, they finally get him… (sound familiar?)

I’m not going to go far back into history. All that matters is that it was the rocket attacks that started the conflict. Plain and simple.

The idiocy of “disproportionate retaliation” by Israel

Guess what everyone? There’s a conflict going on in the Middle East. It’s between the sovereign nation of Israel and the people living in the Gaza Strip. If I had to take a guess, who would have the bigger arsenal?

People… this is a war. One side will have more power than another. It’s almost always been like that. The world says: “Israel, can you not fire back as much as they do? It’s not really fair to them… You have better guns and better aim they do, so please don’t try that hard.”

Now let’s apply this logic elsewhere: The US makes it’s way to Europe following D-Day and begins it’s assault on Nazi Germany. Germany is out of gas and losing quickly. However, all along comes neutral Switzerland (hypothetically speaking) and declares to the US, “Guys, go easy on Germany… You’re firing to much on them and they can’t respond in a proportionate matter.”

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Is anyone really surprised that Israel’s defence forces are more effective than of those in Gaza? And let’s not forget, those in Gaza started it… If this happened anywhere else, no country would hold back on firing back on someone who’s threatening their people.

I’ve heard something incredibly stupid lately of how supporters of the Palestinians are lamenting how just because they’re firing “firecrackers” into Israel, doesn’t give them any reason to fire back with rockets. Hey guess what? You’re still firing something into Israel, with the intent to kill and injure. I think that should be a good enough reason to fire back with whatever you have.

Media bias against Israel

Everyone loves a David and Goliath story… Heck, David was a Jew going up against the big bad wolf. But look what we have here: Israel is a big and advanced country. And then there’s little Gaza and the West Bank.

Ever since the Korean and Vietnam wars, which for the first times gave the general public a deeper and more visual look and terrors of war (thanks TV), sympathy has gone the way of the smaller, more beat down side.

Numbers make a big difference in telling these stories. And coming from a journalism background, it’s basic facts that are supposed to take precedent in the order of your story. When you hear x number of deaths, that gets your attention and it goes to the top of the story.

That combination of Israel being the “larger side” and the “numbers” working against them makes for a deadly depiction. (Albeit from a military perspective, if you’ve lost less lives than your opponents, that makes you a winner.)

This isn’t a “the mainstream media hates Israel” thing (also albeit there are arguments for that), this is a “how the media works” thing. And while the classic mantras of being objective and telling both sides of the story still kept in mind, all this applies to to a dismal situation in how Israel is depicted.

And then there’s lazy journalism and unseen fabrications: If you haven’t heard yet of Honest Reporting (which once again I’m assuming everyone who got here through Facebook and subscribing knows of them), I strongly suggest you do. You’ll be shocked to see how manipulative the Palestinians can be to portraying themselves and Israel to the media.

They’re performance are quite Oscar-worthy. And so many journalists and normal new-following people are fooled so easily. You really have to start asking yourselves questions while observing and paying attention to things, such as the placement of objects in photos, for example, the now-classic shot of Israeli soldier stomping on a child – when in fact the gun seen in the photo isn’t one used, nor are those kind of pants worn by the Israel defence forces.

Palestinian regard for human life (or lack thereof)

Which brings me to this category… As I’ve established, Palestinians can be quite the actors when it comes to portraying themselves and Israel. But sometimes (or rather more often than not), these measures go way beyond this. I’m talking about putting their own people in danger.

It’s one of the unfortunate and risky characteristics of guerrilla warfare. Fighting among the people can prove deadly. But by their own twisted logic, a death/casualty/injury by means of Israel firing in their range is considered a success.

Israel doesn’t want to fire on civilians. There is a goal in this conflict: And that’s taking out the terrorists. Well guess what? The terrorists are hiding among their weakest. They’ve planted their weapons and the Israeli targets in the midst of children, hospitals and other vulnerable people and places.

It’s sickening.

And then meanwhile, they’re firing back those “firecrackers into Israel, with no regard or care for where they land or whom the injure or kill. Because that’s their goal. It’s a win when they cause damage. It’s a win when Israel causes “damage”.

It’s brilliant.

Now by absolutely no means am I not saying that people who have lost the lives of their close ones are embellishing their suffering. There is no such thing as embellishing the true and heartfelt suffering of losing a loved one.

But this is the sad costs of war. For both sides.

Israel’s regard for human life

As we know, what other country sends out warnings to the areas they are firing upon? What country will send care packages and medical supplies to enemy territory?

Once again, if you came from Facebook and as a subscriber, you know this as a true reality.

A ceasefire isn’t really a ceasefire

This is the big one. Yes, a ceasefire has been called, which bears the hope that no side will fire anything at one another etc. etc. etc.

This was before the bus bombing in Tel Aviv that injured 21 people, right?

The fighting over the last week might have stopped, but what does that really mean?

Hamas is claiming victory because of they were capable of doing the past week – firing rockets into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, thereby causing some havoc and fear in all of Israel.

And let’s be honest, the rockets firing down into southern Israel will probably never stop, until they claim the ultimate victory.

And we all know what’s that victory…

May G-d protect Israel and all Jews from all evil.


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