I’m back. And I’m keeping it short.

Greetings friends and followers,

After a near eleven month absence (albeit a very successful eleven months for me), I’ve decided to start blogging again.

But this time I’ve decided to change things up.

I’ve found that I had to make my posts the very best possible, which is quite reasonable, however a little bit demanding. By doing so, I’ve had to implement a number of elements to do so. These include long-winded passages, finding the right photo with the right dimensions and an incredible amount of focus on details and editing.

This I feel has perhaps contributed my sporadic postings – posting often in a small period of time, followed by a long lapse in between.

So here’s my new approach:

– Keep it short. I’m talking a few paragraphs at most.

– Post about whatever comes to mind. Just some thoughts. It also helps save me from the devil known as writers’ block, having to create inspiration all the time to write thing. My best work is really something out of the blue anyway. Often I’m on the subway/bus and something comes to mind and I’ll just jot it down over 5-10 minutes.

– Limited usage of photos. Quite simply, it’s time consuming.

So that’s my deal. Short, simple and to the point. Nothing to deep, but rather an attempt at consistency.

Hope you’re cool with this.


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