Thoughts about Life

Thoughts on turning 24

When the clock struck midnight last night, the age twenty three I was no longer,  thus bringing forth the arrival of the Great Two-Four (as we like to call it north of border). And while my joy for the realization of that number is great, it doesn’t even come close to how happy I am to NOT be twenty three any more.

23 is now the past… And 24 is the future. (And I am Jack Bauer… racing against the clock, doing my very best to thwart the terrorists threatening to trample the town that is Tevy…)

(And yes… I just used ten straight words starting with ‘T’, and eleven out of twelve when including Tevy.)

And though finding it very hard to believe (being 24), I am nonetheless happy and very much looking forward to what next year has to offer.

And I wouldn’t be anywhere without the grace of G-d and the copious amount of support from all the people who care about me. I am beyond appreciative.

And since it is December 16 (and I of course want more hits), feel free to check out a previous post I wrote about said date. That being said, I’d like to wish all the people of Kazakhstan a very happy Independence Day…. It’s nice!!

Much thanks once again.

You’re older today. And that’s a good thing.H to the B, young fella.


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