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Classic Dalton McGuinty Fail: Telling a terminally ill cancer patient, “That’s Not True…”

Amidst the non-stop advertizing in lieu of this Thursday’s Ontario Provincial election, I was reminded of this classic Dalton McGuinty video of him giving the cold shoulder to a man telling him that he’s dying of cancer and that McGuinty isn’t doing anything to help.

Recorded in 2007, the reporter explains in the video that the confrontation arose from the patient being unable to receive life extending cancer drugs from the US. This is because OHIP won’t pay it. Obviously feeling short-changed, the man decided to take the matter straight to the Premier.

While this video is certainly lacking a great deal of context, it nonetheless shows how inept McGuinty was at handling this uncomfortable situation. Sure he was clearly being backed into a corner and certainly felt that he shouldn’t take the bait, he decides to take the “safe” route and flat-out tell him “That’s not true.”

Let’s be real here for a second: Who the hell says that to someone dying of cancer?

The idiot clearly gives the patient the cold shoulder without an inch of compassion or concern for his well-being. The least he could have done is take the time to quickly talk to him about some of the circumstances, which is something any good politician should do (aka: talk to the people about their problems and give them a voice).

Yesterday I asked my sister, a social work student, what she would do if confronted with this very situation when dealing with one of her patients. She said she would ask him, “What can I do to help?” and “What should I do?” She would have the dignity to at least hear out the person while they convey their concerns – Which is something any normal person should do when confronted by someone who’s asking for their help, regardless of the manner in which they express it.

I’ll be honest: as of a few days ago I was undecided who to vote for. After watching the debate and hearing out as much as I could from the PC platform, I got the feeling that all they were doing was calling out McGuinty on his terrible record. I was like, “Okay, we know you think the Liberals suck, but what are you guys planning to do right the supposed sinking ship?” And Hudak seeemed smug.

And yes, McGuinty’s record really does speak for itself. He is a straight up “lying, lying, sneaky snake,” who’s unable to follow through on his campaign promises. His smugness overwhelms Hudak’s.

And considering where I live – the hotly contested riding of Thornhill – where incumbent PC MPP Peter Shurman is facing off against Liberal candidate Bernie Farber, I was sincerely torn as to who to vote for. Farber is a longtime friend of my mom, who was his camp counselor when growing up in Ottawa.

However, I’ve been promptly reminded of Peter Shurman’s great track record. I recall watching videos of him on YouTube, calling out the Liberals for their inadequacies and short-comings, as well as his strong stance on standing up for the needs of my Thornhill and of course, doing whatever it takes to preserve and promote the legitimacy and partnership with the State of Israel – an issue close to the heart of Thornhill’s largely Jewish population.

And so now, I have finally come to my decision. And it is one I am not afraid to express publicly. I am voting for the PC Party of Ontario. I am voting for both the person – Peter Shurman, and the party – the Ontario PC Party.

And unlike what McGuinty said, “that IS true.”

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