My two favourite Rob Ford jokes

In this city we call Toronto, we have a mayor who is very easy to target. And that’s not just because of horizontally-challenged physique. It seems that no matter what this guy does or doesn’t do, he’s bound to gets scrutinized for it. It’s really too bad as well, since it probably just adds unnecessary pressure to an already very stressful and demanding job. However as a political figure, taking the heat from all sides is very much part of the job description. And even though I hope he succeeds in making Toronto a better place (so far he’s screwing up everything he touches), I still want to put in my two cents of mockery…

So I don’t take credit for these two jokes; I heard them on the Dean Blundell Show – the morning radio on 102.1 The Edge. The jokes were part of a segment featuring the show’s asian correspondent, Qi Min Sheng, where he read excerpts from his book “Jokes About Rob Ford Book“.

Here are the jokes:

1) Rob Ford is so fat, he got baptized at Marine Land.

2) At Toronto City Council, city councillors have to take a GO Bus and two TTC buses just to get to Rob Ford’s good side.

Below is the clip featuring the entire segment:


3 thoughts on “My two favourite Rob Ford jokes”

  1. First of all, I’m sure Qi Mean Shen, based on his name alone, is physically challenged (football quarterback slamming into a string bean, anyone?). And although I forgive you for quoting such horrible jokes from The Edge, which still caters to undergrads, as opposed to CFRB 1010, whose clientele aims at post-graduates with more sophisticated humour, I still resent anti-FORD slams. This guy won with a MAJORITY of the people’s votes, and it is only the 40% or so lefty suckers who come out to tarnish his cost-cutting-in-a -productive-way image. Come on righties, where are you now??

    1. Hey come on, I’ve only been a post-grad for only a week… I still need time to transition 😉 I’ve been listening to The Edge since I was 15, so it’s my go to station. I like to start the day on a not too serious note… As for what I think about Ford, I will honestly withhold any real judgment until it comes time for the next election.

  2. I’m not saying Rob Ford is fat, but if I had to name 5 of the fattest people I’ve ever seen, Rob would be 3 of them.

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