Good times and bad times

As I write this I’m currently sitting here with two amazing friends on a yacht. It’s the definition of awesome.
We’re just sitting. Listening to jazz, looking out at the lake, the Toronto skyline in the distance, with some nargila in hand. Talk about relaxation.

Life is like an elevator. Sometimes you go up, sometimes down. You don’t really have control of which direction your going, but that’s alright.

I’m happy with that. Things will suck but that’s life. As long as you take it all in stride; make the most of the good times and learn how to find the best in all situations. It takes constant reminders, but it’s always good to remember that things work out for the sake of awesomeness.

I’ve been taught to internalize during the good moments because it’s easy. Plus it’s good practice for when things aren’t that great. That way when things suck, you can somehow tell yourself “you’ve done this before, even though circumstances were different.”

That should be enough.


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