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Jerusalem 2111: Whoa…

I came across a video the other day that really captivated me. It wasn’t because of what message it was trying to deliver, but rather I was taken back by the thrilling drama in a very unlikely and unfamiliar setting. And than… before I could say whoa, the climax/twist had me thinking “What?!”

Turns out the video was one of many entries for Jerusalem 2111, an international animation competition, which took place from July 2010 until the end of the calendar year. This above video took home third place. How I never came across any of these videos is a complete shock to me.

The contest challenged filmmakers to create ” a vision for Jerusalem a hundred years from now.”

Many cities such as New-York, Boston and Beijing, benefit from a futuristic vision through the making of  movies such as the famous ‘Metropolis’, Blade Runner, and The Fifth Element.

We were (and still are) interested in innovative and original video-clips of  Jerusalem as reflected by different communities around the world. You are cordially invited to submit your futuristic Sci-Fi vision for Jerusalem.

The competition was open to amateur and professional computer graphics and classic animation artists, architects, designers and sci-fi lovers. The final movie product (video clip) could be produced through any techniques.

Contestants were evaluated and graded by other visitors to the website and by an International professional jury.

Now you’d have to be an idiot to think that there wouldn’t be some controversial entries involving the relations between Israelis & Palestinians, Jews & Arabs, Charedim & Secular Jews, and pretty much any other two groups of people who both reside in Jerusalem but don’t necessarily get along. With this in mind one has to be weary of what message is trying to be delivered in whatever interpretation of Jerusalem in the future might be.

And if you’re gonna judge, please remember that drama plays a big role in cinema (duh..) No matter what you say, drama produces intrigue, regardless of how little drama there may actually be in a reality of the situation. The goal is to be entertained, and if that means messing around with reality, then drama is your perfect partner in crime.

But just remember to acknowledge what’s real and what isn’t… We don’t want people giving history classes telling the story of Inglorious Basterds, do we?

So if you look beyond the messages, you have to admit – it’s a pretty cool contest. I probably would’ve been really psyched to see this back in Grade 12 when we were studying the interpretation of sci-fi, futuristic visions in cinema, where we watched Metropolis, Blade Runner, Alien and one of my all-time favourites: 2001: A Space Odyssey in our Writers’ Craft class.

The first prize was took home $10,000. Here’s that award-winning video below, as well as the second-place video underneath it:


1 thought on “Jerusalem 2111: Whoa…”

  1. Jerusalem 2111 not 2011.
    2011 is next year 😛

    Great post though, I never heard anything about this either. Thanks for the info

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