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Changes for 2011 @ TevyTown

When it comes to the quality of this blog, I often find myself asking how I can I improve it without imputing too much effort and or strain on myself. Well… maybe not so much effort, rather how can I improve the blog without having to spend money on things such as changing the domain name or revamping the layout (does spending money really equate into effort?)

Regardless of that, I’ve decided to implement a few changes/initiatives that I believe will ultimately impact the blog and the quality of it in a more
positive manner altogether. Some of them will be quite immediate & evident – i.e. name changes, visual alterations etc, while others will be more subtle, which pretty much means you’ll most likely see their presence on a not-so-often basis due to my inability to properly manage my time and energy properly for normal life things (like eating… yes I know, that’s kind of sad… but just kind of 😉

So here are some of those changes you should expect to see in the future of this blog:

Name change:

It dawned on me recently that people I’ve spoken to about my blog often refer it to it’s full byline of “TheTevyTownTranscripts” rather than the simpler “TevyTown”, which also happens to be the domain name of the blog (and not the full byline name). And I realized that while the quadruple-T name is a neat combo of words, something didn’t sound with that long-ended name. When I think of highly recognizable news outlet/blog names (or just easy-to-remember names for anything), it’s the short & easy to pronounce ones that come to mind – like Frum Satire or DovBear. So with this in mind, if looks like I’m going to be changing the name of the blog, by dropping “The” and “Transcripts” from the byline and sticking strictly to “TevyTown”. While this decision will have some kind of impact on the aesthetics of the web page – some of which will require some internal string pulling – I’m certain the name change should make it easier for folks to access the blog, without alienating everyone else by actually changing the domain name and creating an atmosphere of confusion caused by the sudden disappearance of my blog… Which if that did happen, you’ll be sure to know not too long after I find out why.

***Check out the new header, the changes have already been made!!***

Two New Pages of Material:

In addition to normal featured content, TevyTown is also home to two specific categories of material with the “Loser List” and “The Definition of Awesome“. But from now on, readers will now be privileged to learn of the addition of two new categories of content-specific material.

Appreciation Corner:

If you’re reading this blog, chances are this isn’t the first blog you’ve ever read before in your life. In contrast, you probably caught hold of this blog through another blog and you enjoy the product of self-made space of material. If this is so, then you are no different then my since I am a big fan of blogs and other small-profile outlets featuring original material.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to create a space dedicated to blogging and other internet content creating friends of TevyTown. I’m very fortunate to have met and discovered other blogs and pages created by both friends and other random folk, whether or not it came as a direct result of one of us reading each others’ blog. A typical post will consist of not only a brief synopsis of said blog/page, but also a discussion with the blog’s creator. This way, it isn’t just a way to suck up to fellow bloggers by offering them PR from my blog (in exchange for PR for TevyTown), but it also gives me (and you) an opportunity to get better acquainted with the people behind the material.

How often you see me utilise this space over time will vary, but nonetheless I can’t wait to make it happen with this category.

The Dark Side of the Mechitza:

This is something that’s been brewing for a while now, and while I’d love to tell you more about it, I think a separate post on its own would do a better job in conveying the exciting things this category has in store for you 🙂
So for now, I’ll leave you with these three words that’ll leave you guessing what the heck does that Tevy have up his sleeve?

Jews. Absurdity. Why?

More to come…


This initiative will be a constant work in progress, considering my lack of acceptable video recording equipment, abilities and content to feature. An unedited video of my radio-friendly face spewing out words to the camera just isn’t going to cut it for me (at least not all the time…)

But when the material does begin to flow, you’ll be sure to find it both here on the blog and on my You Tube channel – tevster1316.

So yeah, it doesn’t seem like much to swallow after how I’ve described it here but once I get the creative juices flowing (and more importantly, my own life in better form – organizationally speaking), be sure to have appetite for what’ in store 🙂


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