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Changes for 2011 @ TevyTown

When it comes to the quality of this blog, I often find myself asking how I can I improve it without imputing too much effort and or strain on myself. Well… maybe not so much effort, rather how can I improve the blog without having to spend money on things such as changing the domain name or revamping the layout (does spending money really equate into effort?)

Regardless of that, I’ve decided to implement a few changes/initiatives that I believe will ultimately impact the blog and the quality of it in a more
positive manner altogether. Some of them will be quite immediate & evident – i.e. name changes, visual alterations etc, while others will be more subtle, which pretty much means you’ll most likely see their presence on a not-so-often basis due to my inability to properly manage my time and energy properly for normal life things (like eating… yes I know, that’s kind of sad… but just kind of šŸ˜‰

So here are some of those changes you should expect to see in the future of this blog: Continue reading “Changes for 2011 @ TevyTown”