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Famous people who died in 2010

"What you talkin' about Willis?"

So I did something like this last year based on the observation that a lot of famous folk died this year, and that was really freaky (and therefore I just had to share my thoughts with everyone).

It ended being one my most viewed posts, aka a great source of blog views ūüôā And I really enjoyed making it

So I’m doing it again… and here’s hoping the hits keep coming (not that I like¬†benefiting¬†off the deaths of others… c’mon people… you know me better…

I’ll shut up now and here’s the list:


15 –¬†Blake Edwards, 88, American film director, producer and screenwriter (The Pink Panther,¬†Breakfast at Tiffany’s), pneumonia.

Bob Feller, 92, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians), member of Baseball Hall of Fame, leukemia.

11 РMark Madoff, 46, American businessman, son of convicted ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff, suicide by hanging.

7 – Elizabeth Edwards, 61,¬†wife of former Senator¬†John Edwards, breast cancer. (Don’t you just wanna punch John Edwards for being such a douche?)

6 –¬†Mark Dailey, 57, American-born Canadian television journalist and announcer, cancer.

*If you lived in Toronto from the 1980’s until now and owned a television, I¬†guarantee¬†you would’ve been fortunate enough to hear the awesome voice of Mark Dailey, who voiceovers were a fixture on City TV. No matter where you were in Toronto, Mark Dailey was everywhere.

Rabbi Uriel Malka

Rabbi Uriel Malka, 32, died in the Carmel Forest fires that left 36 people dead in Israel. You can read about him here & here.

5 –¬†Don Meredith, 72, American football player (Dallas Cowboys) and commentator (Monday Night Football), brain hemorrhage.

And don't call me Shirley...


29 – Al Masini, 80, creator of Entertainment Tonight, cancer. *So he’s the reason journalism has plummeted to the depths of covering bozos like Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Kardashian, Jon & Kate Gosselin and a bunch of other people I’m ashamed to tell you to tell you about.

28 –¬†Leslie Nielsen, 84, Canadian-born American actor (Airplane!,¬†The Naked Gun), pneumonia. (Pic, to the right)

Samuel T. Cohen, 89, American physicist, inventor of the neutron bomb, cancer.

27 –¬†Irvin Kershner, 87, American film director (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back), lung cancer.

25 –¬†Doris McCarthy, 100, Canadian artist.

* I mention this one because her work can be found all over the campus of her alma matter of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (aka: where I go to school).

19 –¬†Pat Burns, 58, Canadian¬†National Hockey League coach (Canadiens,¬†Maple Leafs,¬†Bruins and¬†Devils), lung cancer. *He was one of greatest coaches in NHL and Toronto Maple Leaf history. He helped guide the Leafs to two conference championships in 1993 & 1994, also winning a Jack Adams award for best coach in ’93 – one of three he would win in his career. He eventually won the Stanley Cup as coach of the New Jersey Devils in 2003. ¬†He had a strong reputation of getting the most out of his players and conducted himself with the heart of a warrior. And although he succumbed to cancer, it took three bouts of it to finally claim him, defeating the first two – colon cancer in 2oo4 and liver cancer in 2005.

10 –¬†Nicolo Rizzuto, 86, Italian-born Canadian mafia leader (Rizzuto crime family), shot.

9 –¬†Albert Wesley Johnson, 87, Canadian civil servant, President of¬†Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (1975‚Äď1982), after long illness.

6 –¬†Michael Seifert, 86, Soviet-born Nazi war criminal, complications from a fall. (‘Bout time, eh?)

4 –¬†Sparky Anderson, 76, American baseball player and manager (Cincinnati Reds,¬†Detroit Tigers), member of¬†Baseball Hall of Fame, complications from dementia.

3 –¬†Jerry Bock, 81, American musical theater composer (Fiddler on the Roof,¬†Fiorello!), heart failure.

*I used to like Fiddler on the Roof… that was until I saw it in Toronto back in 2009 with Harvey Fierstein as Tevye. They really altered/butchered too much of the script, which honestly left me with a feeling that non-Jews would leave the¬†theater¬†with a sour taste of what Shtetl Jews were like. Thankfully Mr. Bock was responsible for helping to create what I¬†believe¬†to be the best part of the play – the music.

The American Family Mother


26 –¬†Paul the Octopus, 2, British-born¬†World Cup oracle octopus (Sea Life Centre in¬†Oberhausen, Germany), natural causes. *In the words of Fred Armisen’s portrayal of Joy Behar on SNL’s The View sketch: “So what, who cares?”

22 – Dennis Simpson, 59, ¬†Canadian actor and musician, brain¬†hemorrhage. Young canadians (or young at the time), will recall Simpson as the host of TVO’s Polka Dot Door.

20 –¬†Bob Guccione, 79, American publisher, founder of¬†Penthouse, lung cancer.

19 РTom Bosley, 83, American actor (Happy Days, Father Dowling Mysteries), heart failure.

14 –¬†Barbara Billingsley, 94, American actress (Leave It to Beaver).


29 –¬†Tony Curtis, 85, American actor (Some Like It Hot,¬†Spartacus,¬†The Defiant Ones), cardiac arrest.

27 –¬†George Blanda, 83, American¬†Hall of Fame football player (Chicago Bears,¬†Houston Oilers,¬†Oakland Raiders).

26 –¬†Gloria Stuart, 100, American film actress (The Invisible Man,¬†Titanic), respiratory failure.

8 –¬†Rich Cronin, 36, American pop singer and songwriter (LFO), stroke related to¬†acute myelogenous leukemia. (“But I think it’s fly when the girls drop by in the summer, in the summer.”)

2 –¬†Leo Trepp, 97, German-born American rabbi, last surviving German rabbinical witness to¬†the Holocaust. *¬†Trepp was arrested and placed in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp on the night of Kristallnacht. While he only spent 18 days in the camp (he was released thanks to the¬†the intervention of the¬†Joseph Hertz, the¬†Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom),¬†Trepp saw his role as being part of “a very rewarding rabbinate because the Jews needed me.”


12 –¬†Richie Hayward, 64,¬†American drummer (Little Feat),¬†liver cancer.

9 – Senator¬†Ted Stevens, 86,¬†American politician,¬†Senator from Alaska (1968‚Äď2009),¬†plane crash.


28 –¬†Lorenzen Wright, 34,¬†American basketball player (Memphis Grizzlies),¬†shot.

27 –¬†Maury Chaykin, 61,¬†American-born¬†Canadian actor (Dances with Wolves,¬†My Cousin Vinny,¬†A Nero Wolfe Mystery),¬†kidney failure.

13 –¬†George Steinbrenner, 80,¬†American baseball team owner (New York Yankees),¬†heart attack.

11 –¬†Bob Sheppard, 99,¬†American public address announcer (New York Yankees,¬†New York Giants).

5 –¬†Bob Probert, 45,¬†Canadian ice hockey player (Detroit Red Wings,¬†Chicago Blackhawks), suspected¬†heart attack. *3300 penalty minutes in 20 seasons, he also scored the last goal ever at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Rav Mordechai Eliyahu


28 – Senator¬†Robert Byrd, 92,¬†American politician,¬†U.S. Representative (1953‚Äď1959),¬†Senator from¬†West Virginia (1959‚Äď2010).

Bill Aucoin, 66, American band manager (Kiss), complications from prostate cancer.

23 –¬†Pete Quaife, 66,¬†British bassist (The Kinks),¬†kidney failure.

19 –¬†Manute Bol, 47,¬†Sudanese basketball player and¬†activist,¬†kidney failure and¬†Stevens‚ÄďJohnson syndrome.

7'7 Manute Bol standing beside 5'3 Muggsy Bogues

7 ‚ÄstRav¬†Mordechai Eliyahu, 81,¬†Israeli rabbi,¬†Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel(1983‚Äď1993).

6 –¬†Marvin Isley, 56,¬†American¬†bassist¬†(The Isley Brothers,¬†Isley-Jasper-Isley),¬†complications¬†of¬†diabetes.

3 –¬†Rue McClanahan, 76,¬†American actress (The Golden Girls,¬†Maude),¬†stroke.

2 –¬†John Wooden, 99, American basketball player (Purdue, Indianapolis Kautskys) and coach (UCLA, 1948‚Äď1975).


29 –¬†Dennis Hopper, 74,¬†American actor and¬†film director (Easy Rider),¬†prostate cancer.

28 – Gary Coleman, 42,¬†American actor (Diff’rent Strokes),¬†intracranial hemorrhage.

23 –¬†Jos√© Lima, 37,¬†Dominican baseball player,¬†heart attack

24- Paul Gray, 38, American heavy metal bassist (Slipknot), accidental fentanyl and morphine overdose.

16 –¬†Ronnie James Dio, 67,¬†American heavy metal singer (Black Sabbath,¬†Rainbow,¬†Dio),¬†stomach cancer.

4 –¬†Ernie Harwell, 92, American baseball sportscaster (Detroit Tigers), cholangiocarcinoma.


21 –¬†Juan Antonio Samaranch, 89,¬†Spanish Olympic official,President of the¬†International Olympic Committee (1980‚Äď2001),¬†heart failure.

10 – Lech KaczyŇĄski, 60,¬†President of Poland,¬†killed in the¬†Polish Air Force Tu-154 plane crash, which killed several top Polish politicians and diplomats.

1 –¬†John Forsythe, 92,¬†American actor (Bachelor Father,¬†Charlie’s Angels,¬†Dynasty),¬†complications from¬†pneumonia.

One of Jim Marshall's many photographic masterpieces


24 –¬†Jim Marshall, 74,¬†American photographer. *He was the official photographer of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, and photographed several rock stars including the Beatles (he was the only photographer allowed backstage during their shows) & Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash & Jimi Hendrix.

Robert Culp, 79, American actor (I Spy, The Greatest American Hero, Everybody Loves Raymond), heart attack.

14 –¬†Peter Graves, 83, American actor (Mission: Impossible, Airplane!), heart attack.

He Pingping standing alongside someone

13 –¬†He Pingping, 21,¬†Chinese dwarf, shortest man who was able to walk, heart¬†complications.

12 –¬†David Ahenakew, 76,¬†Canadian First Nations leader and¬†politician (former National Chief of the¬†Assembly of First Nations),¬†cancer. *On December 13, 2002, Ahenakew gave a speech to an FSIN group where¬†he made references to “goddamn immigrants” in Canada during his speech. He also called¬†Jews¬†were a disease in Germany and that¬†Hitler was trying to “clean up Europe” when he “fried six million of those guys.” He also stated his opinion that¬†Israel and theUnited States (specifically mentioning¬†George W. Bush) were going to start the next world war.

Too bad he won’t be around to see it…

A young Corey Haim

10 – Corey Haim, 38,¬†Canadian actor (Lucas,¬†The Lost Boys,¬†License to Drive),¬†pneumonia. *Another troubled teen heartthrob to bite the dust… A Jewish boy from Toronto as well, he’s buried in Pardes Shalom¬†Cemetery in Vaughan, the same burial grounds where I may end up (G-d forbid anytime soon).


20 –¬†Alexander Haig, 85,¬†American politician and diplomat,¬†Secretary of State (1981‚Äď1982, during Reagan’s presidency),¬†complications from an¬†infection.

14 РDoug Fieger, 57, American musician (The Knack), lung cancer. *My Sharona

13 –¬†Dale Hawkins, 73,¬†American rockabilly musician,¬†colorectal cancer.

11 –¬†Alexander McQueen, 40,¬†British fashion designer,¬†suicide by¬†hanging.

12 –¬†Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21,¬†Georgian luger, national team member for the¬†2010 Winter Olympics, training¬†accident.

10 –¬†Charlie Wilson, 76,¬†American politician,¬†U.S. Representative (1973‚Äď1997), subject of¬†Charlie Wilson’s War,¬†pulmonary arrest.

Art Clokey with Gumby


31 –¬†Pauly Fuemana, 40,¬†New Zealand musician (OMC), after short illness. *How Bizarre: ¬†“Ooh baby x2, it’s making me crazy x2, every time I look around…”

27 РJ.D. Salinger, American author (The Catcher in the Rye), natural causes.

11 РMiep Gies, 100, Dutch humanitarian, protector of Anne Frank and her family during WWII, complications following a fall.

8 –¬†Art Clokey, 88,¬†American stop motion animator (creator of¬†Gumby,¬†Davey and Goliath),¬†bladder infection.

4- Casey Johnson, 30, American socialite, Johnson & Johnson heiress, diabetic ketoacidosis. *She was one of the great-great granddaughters of Robert Wood Johnson (one of the two Johnsons). Apparently, she was also the fiance of another socialite РTila Tequila, with whom she had adopted a girl.

Casey Johnson with dad Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, in 2002.

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  1. Hey Tevy,
    I too have a fascination with those who pass away as, I guess we all fear the passage to that “great unknown”. Thanks for mentioning the Rabbi in Carmel. That fire was just too sad!! I think you may have missed Eddie Fisher in September 2010. He was Carrie Fisher’s dad and the Brad Pitt of his day (60’s). Otherwise, good job!!!

  2. Ur post, ‚ÄúFamous people who died in 2010 ę TevyTown‚ÄĚ ended up being truly worth writing a comment on!
    Simply needed to admit u really did a tremendous work.
    Thanks ,Harley

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  5. Watched a movie that was dedicated to you and Andrew Hall (Siren)

    Andrew Hull was a Canadian born film maker, film director and architect. Born Andrew Mackenzie Hull, August 15, 1963, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and died May 8, 2010 in London.

    Just though you should update your list.


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