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Loser List #16: Frummies sue for damaged wig on The People’s Court

It pains me to post this, because I’m torn between whether or not I should laugh at this or shake my head in utter disappointment at the ridiculousness of this absurdity. I’ll choose both:  Oy veh…

In a nutshell, it’s all a big understanding really – a result of two people from different ethnicities playing a crazy game of broken telephone. But I gotta to criticize both sides here. The cleaners probably shouldn’t have washed the wig, whether or not the cleaning lady thought she had permission from Heidi to clean it. And that she said that the cleaners get objects that typically don’t get washed via dry cleaning and they don’t do anything about those things raises an inconsistency in their business because since they said did wash the wig, which is obviously an object that is not normally washed. And to flat-out call Heidi and Mendy liars is out of line as well… Maybe she did give the court the wrong receipt by mistake, they never did confirm to handing the wrong one in on purpose. I honestly can’t say there’s deceit in play here.

However… I’m screaming negligence on the part of the frummies for several reasons:

1) The wig wound up at the cleaners in the first place. Sure, you could argue that stuff happens, but I’m having the same reaction hearing about this misplaced wig that I usually get when I hear a crazy example brought up when learning halacha or Gemara – Stop being so passive, wake up and be aware of your surroundings!! Or else…your ox is gonna get gored or something like that…

2) How can you not be absolutely clear when speaking on the phone with the cleaner that they should not wash/clean the wig? If the wig was so important to not be ruined (which obviously it is) than I would’ve marched my ass down to the cleaners asap to avoid any complications. Or better yet to save me a trip, I’d actually learn some social skills/derech eretz/patience and try to communicate properly with them so they know for sure TO NOT WASH THE WIG/HAIR.

3) What the heck are they thinking by not coming prepared to the court with documents proving the value of the wig as well as the it’s damage, which is beyond repair? That boggles my mind, because unlike what Mendy said, it’s not obvious that the wig is beyond repair. And how the heck do they expect anyone outside the observant Jewish community to have a clue about sheitels? And to not give the right receipt to the court? C’mon… Now I won’t go so far to call them liars, maybe she mistakenly gave the court wrong receipt… I’ll give her benefit of the doubt there, but I can’t ignore the lack of credibility/the poor display of delivery that’s on display here (and arrogance… I just feel it in the way they talk.) You never use the word obvious in court! If the guy learned Gemara, not everything is peshita! Sure we trust each other’s words, but obviously that’s not enough!

People, it’s called due diligence. Be prepared for anything, with everything.

4) I can’t even begin to figure out just why this misunderstanding had to devolve into a debacle by means of going to the People’s Court?! Seriously, unless you are that freaking sure that you’ve got this in the bag, there’s no way I’m risking my integrity on national television… This is a really unfortunate chillul Hashem, hence it really shows what kind of moronic level some Jews can steep to…

And yes… I know there’s worse things one can do, but this event should act as a reminder to us all to be more careful in general in regards to everything! Do want to end up like these two?


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