antisemitism, Thornhill

Antisemitism found on my street

About two weeks ago, I arrived home from school to the news that my sister had found something very unpleasant while walking home from school earlier that day.  What she found was the gross display of antisemitism as seen in the above photo.

I went to see it for myself and there it was – F*** Jews – in black marker, and in clear sight for anyone to see while walking on the sidewalk on my street.

Just to give you a visual: At the end of my street, where it intersects with Bathurst Street in Thornhill, there are sculptures designed by the architectural company that built the bulk of the houses on my street. Of those designs include two brick fences with the company’s name on it, which encompass some greenery, and some hip-high stone and brick sculptures are planted on the edge of the sidewalks surrounding the fences as well as making up part of the fences as well. (If my descriptions suck, check out the photo below for more detail.)

The desecrated structure is beside the lamp post in the right side of the photo

Racism and antisemitism can trigger many a sensitive nerves within, and if you’re unaffected, you’re not human. But the sting certainly hurts a little more when it occurs so close to home.

While the community is obviously not immune to these kind of incidents – in March of 2004, many Thornhill and Toronto houses, synagogues, headstones, billboards were vandalized with swastikas and other antisemitic markings (including a house on the street that connects to my street) – I honestly can’t recall an incident like this one where the evidence was found so close to my front door.

As much as I despise publicizing something like this, I still feel obligated to do so, to remind us all that anything can happen, no matter where you live and how safe you may feel from the disgusting smear of antisemitism.

Thankfully, the rain washed away the graffiti the following morning but not before we reported the finding to B’nai Brith’s anti-hate site, which can also be accessed by calling their Anti-Hate Hotline at 1-800-892-2624.

No matter how small the incident may seem, it’s important to report them all.


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